500 days with Cancer (Harry Styles Fanfiction)

They say everyone lived for a reason. Amber didn't know hers. Parents passed away, bullied by the whole school, and the worse, diagnosed with Cancer. She only wanted one thing; to reach her dream of being a singer.


11. Chapter 11.


Heeey! So this chapter is just a filler. But I hope you enjoy it!


Amber's POV

Harry and I have been dating for a week and a half now. And as usual, people would be suprised to see us together. We're really a happy couple. We also didn't forget about the auditions so we usually stop by at his and Lou's flat for practice everytime we're both free.

He also goes with me to my therapies and fortunately, the doctor said that my Cancer case is rare which means I don't really show enough symptoms to know I have Cancer, like my hair falling out, I go skinny, have difficulty in breathing, unlike others. But they told me not to get comfortable with it since Cancer is a prank disease. It shows you everything is going to be fine when it's just taking a rest and it'll attack you to death.

I am not yet living in with Harry since he got Louis and I got Chloe in my house. And speaking of Chloe, Niall and him are already dating. They are really cute together and they've been dating a day less than us.

If you're wondering if I still get bullied, well the answer there is I don't really know. Some people say words but I don't really think they mean it to hurt me.


But here's one thing I know for sure: Brianna hates me to death.

Whenever she eyes me, she walks the opposite direction of where she is really going.

One time, she sabotaged me.

*** 2 days ago ***

I was walking down the hall to my next class as I saw a blonde petite girl coming my way.


"Hey, Amber. Aww look at you, you're dating Harry." She cooed, tapping my back.

She's with her girlfriends, I assume, who are a few inches away from her. She's wearing a fit white tank and an orange pencil skirt matched with orange stilletos.

"Are you faking me?"

"Huh, of course not. Why would I do that? And don't worry babe, I'm not jealous of you. I've moved on." She genuinely smiled at me, which I don't really think is genuine.

"Whatever you say." I rolled my eyes.


"Oh umm, I have something to give you. Umm, wait-Jasmine, where's my purse?" Brianna asked I assumed her brunette friend, placing her hand on her side, shoulder-level.

"I think you left it at the ladies' room-oh shit I think we need to go, Bri. See you later." The two girls said, kissing Brianna cheek to cheek and stumbled away.

"Oh girls, don't want to be late. You're not leaving me, are you?" Brianna held on to my hands.

"Not yet. Classes start in 15 minutes." I said.

"Be right back, I'll get my purse-AHH OWW!" Suddenly, Brianna sprained her right leg from the heels and she crashed down the floor.

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah I'm fine. Could you get my purse?"

"Umm okay, where is it anyways?" I asked, slightly hyperventilating.

"It's on the sink in the ladies' room." She pointed.

I walked towards the ladies' room and entered.


And as I entered, I felt an icy, cold fluid fall on me.

I was completely wet.

"YOU IMBECILE GIRL! IT TOTALLY FITS YOUR PERSONALITY! GOODBYE, AMBER." I turned around and saw Brianna standing, laughing, and pointing at me and she took off.

So with that, I took classes in my wet clothes and self.

*** Present Time ***

It was true. I took my classes in wet clothes. I was trying to get used to it though. You're probably asking where was Harry then? Well I understand that he wasn't there. He was having a quiz at his Chemistry class and I couldn't blame him. I'm not like those girlfriends who are easily misunderstood and stuff.

But what really gets into me is that...


Zayn was there for me. And I didn't understand him pretty much that day.


"Hey, cupcake." I threw my messenger bag on his bed and he stood up then walked towards me.

"Hello, pretty ice cream." He held on to my cheek and pressed his lips against mine.

Electric shocks went down my spine and all my stress flew away. My mind and body was relaxed as soon as our lips met each other. Our lips moved in sync and I felt butterflies in my stomach. I tangled my fingers in Harry's luscious, brown curls and he wrapped his hands on my waist.

He pulled away quickly before things heat up and smiled.

"You wanna go practice?" Harry asked, pointing at the guitar.

"What d'you think I'm here for?" I gripped on his shirt collar and pulled him.

"Why do you sound-"

"I'm just teasing you." I smirked, letting go of his collar. 

"So...what would you want me to play?"

"Could we do a duet?" He suggested with puppy dog eyes and he was such an adorable, killing, asdfghjkl-ing thing I've ever seen.

"You don't have to force me. I think that would be cute." I pinched his cheeks like I'll kill him with that.

"So, what song is good?" He chewed on a ballpen and I immediately slapped his hand down to avoid him from eating an unedible thing.

"Chewing a ballpen won't help of thinking." I glared at him.  

"What about Kiss Me Again by We Are The In Crowd?"

"That's a good song! This is why I love you!" He leaned and gave me a bone-crushing hug with twisting that almost suffocate me.

"Oh-kay-I-think-that's-e-nough." I said in between twists and turns then pulled away.

"So you'll play the guitar?"

"No, your hair bush will." I retorted sarcastically.

"Yeah, whatever. Let's start." He stood up and sat on a tall wooden box.


Then, he counted. "3, 2, 1."

I strummed my guitar that matched the rhythm of the song and Harry started tapping his seat.

"I gotta say something that I've been thinking about" Harry started, and his voice was almost made me cry, it was beautiful. 

"I can't wait to lay around with you  

And tell you all the secrets  

I've been keeping to myself" He continued.

"It's been a while since I've felt butterflies" I sang my verse, thinking that this is a contest and I need to win it. 

"Do you feel the same way too?  

If every single second could last that much longer,  

Would you hold me... and kiss me again?" I continued singing to the chorus.


"Underneath the moonlight  

You're more than a friend  

Oh... I knew it from the first time  

Yeah... Hold me, feel my heart beat,  

Put your arms around me and kiss me again" Harry and I sang together with matching voice melodies and it sounded perfect for me.

"Kiss me again..." I ended the chorus and Harry seemed to preparing his next verse.


I gotta say I wasn't expecting you to come this way  

And fall into my arms  

And now I know I can't deny these feelings any longer


I close my eyes, I can't stop thinking about you  

Crack a smile, I just can't lose  

Add another minute  

My heart beats to the limit when I'm with you


So, kiss me again  

Underneath the moonlight  

You're more than a friend... oh  

I knew it from the first time... yeah  

Hold me, feel my heart beat,  

Put your arms around me and kiss me again


I can't let you go, can't let you float away  

'Cause that would be a mistake  

I'm not ready to run  

Can't let you go to waste  

No, no, no...


And kiss me again  

Underneath the moonlight  

You're more than a friend... oh  

I knew it from the first time  

Yeah... Hold me, feel my heart beat,  

Put your arms around me and kiss me again  

Hold me, feel my heart beat,  

Put your arms around me and kiss me again,  

And again, and again...


"Oh kiss me again..." I ended the song with the last guitar strum and smiled at Harry.

"That..." Harry paused.

"Was marvelous." I continued for him.

"We should do this more often." He stood up and embraced me tight.

"And for that, let's celebrate with ice cream!!!" I hollered as I ran downstairs. I felt Harry catch up, too.

I hurried to the fridge and scanned for a Ben & Jerry's ice cream.

"Get spoons." I commanded to Harry.

"But Liam said-" Harry protested but I cut him.

"Liam's a douche. Just kidding. But seriously you're not Liam so get the damn spoons." I ordered again.

"Fine." He headed to the cupboards and went back with two spoons on his hand.

We took our seats on beanbags and turned the tv on as we chomp on the chunky ice cream.

"Best way to free stress out of your body." Harry raised his hands in the air, smiling in glory.

"I know right." I agreed, taking another bite of ice cream.

"Oooooohh, the two lovebirds having fun. Can I join?" Louis butted in and dumped himself right beside me on my beanbag I literally felt myself bounce when Louis sat.

"Louis, what is wrong with you!" I complained.

"Oh am I bothering you?" He wrapped his arms around my head and he squeezed it very hard. He twist and turn, like he wants my bones broken.

Harry just sat on his beanbag, laughing and munching on the ice cream!

"Louis, stop!" I tried to push him away but he's just too strong!

"What did you say? You love me? Aww, Harry, Amber is cheating on you!" He said in a high pitch voice, mocking me. I think Harry is killing himself by hysterically laughing and he's now on the floor, rolling.

"Harry, I'll shave your curls if you don't save me from your psychopath boyfriend!" I yelled.

"Aww, my baby is cheating on me. I'm crying. I'm so heart broken!" Harry fake cried.

"Leave me alone! You broke my heart!" Harry hysterically cringed.

"You two are mental!" I said, and now I can't control myself from laughing.

How did I ever get so lucky?

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