500 days with Cancer (Harry Styles Fanfiction)

They say everyone lived for a reason. Amber didn't know hers. Parents passed away, bullied by the whole school, and the worse, diagnosed with Cancer. She only wanted one thing; to reach her dream of being a singer.


10. Chapter 10.


Amber's POV

"Harry, why does Zayn seem pissed off?" I questioned Harry as I placed my spoon and fork together, signalling that I'm finish with my food.

"Oh umm...he's just...uh...you know, busy because he's rehearsing himself for the auditions coming up and that may be stressful towards him." Harry stuttered.

"Oh. He's really into these stuff." I said as I stood up and went towards the living room.

I dump myself down the couch and fumbled through the magazine stacks on the side table. A Cosmopolitan magazine caught my attention. I picked it up and flip over the pages, skimming over the pictures and ads inside.

I suddenly felt the couch sank. I placed the magazine down and didn't expect it was him. Zayn.

"He-ey Zayn." I stuttered. I really find it awkward when I speak to him.

"Hi." He mumbled and took the tv remote and switched it on.

"Rehearsals really stress you, don't it?" I tried to keep the conversation flowing because I don't want to get things awkward because after all, he loathes me.

"What?" He raised an eyebrow towards me, seeming confused.

"You're on rehearsals for auditions right?"

Unexpectedly, he gave a chuckle. "Let me guess... Harry?"

"Ye-es." I retorted.

I admit I found his laugh sexy. No, Amber what the hell are you saying? You have a boyfriend! Well maybe Zayn and I could just be best of friends, like Chloe.

"He's a silly bastard." Zayn said.

I chuckled cause I think it was true. Harry is this cheeky little bastard that drives me crazy.

"I know." I threw a pillow at him for being silly.

"What was that for?" He flinched and chuckled.

"For you being silly." I threw another pillow at him.

"So you wanna have a pillow fight, aye?" Zayn suggested.

"Not until I throw another one at you first!" I squealed and smacked a pillow at his face.

I stood up and hid under the couch.  

"What the fuck is with you Amber?" I heard him say in a coughy voice.

My stomache was beginning to be filled with air as I control the laugh that releases squeaks.

Then everything went silent.

I popped my head out, looking for signs of Zayn in-

"GOTCHA!" I felt a heavy weight on the side of my face as it turned it to the left harshly, making me stumble.

"ZAYN!" It was difficult for me to yell since snorts are butting inside my mouth. I immediately grabbed the huge pillow on the floor and hurried to Zayn who ran inside I-think Harry's room.

"Where is Zaynieboo?" I said in a high-pitched tone as I tiptoed across the room.

Suddenly, Zayn jumped out of nowhere and slammed a pillow to my face, making me crash down the floor, snorting hysterically.

I didn't expect Zayn would be like this towards me this time.

Then, Zayn exited the door to the living room, still running and laughing at the same time.

I finally stood up once again and ran towards him. I saw him covering his face with another pillow from the couch.

I slowly tiptoed towards him, avoiding squeaky sounds. Once I'm infront of him, I raised the pillow and sma-

"It looks like you two are having fun." Harry, in crossed arms, coughed.

"Yes we are." Zayn retorted with a grin plastered on his face.

"Well, everyone downstairs can hear you- ." He continued and he seemed pissed.

"Yeah, we know." I butted in, nodding.

"Well you should've stopped." Harry said back with strong anger in his voice.

I could feel my blood boiling at Harry's attitude. Why was he being an annoying father?

"Why are you acting like that?" I raised my voice because I'm being annoyed.

"Because you're with Zayn!" He shouted. I have never been shouted at by Harry. We've been dating for just a DAY.

"So what if I'm with him?"

"Y-you're...being noisy...cause Zayn's noisy." He stuttered. But I didn't believe him.

"Fuck off." I muttered and threw the pillow down.

I stormed around the couch and down the stairs, leaving stomping sounds.

Harry's POV

"Fuck off." She said and left. What did you just do Harry?

Zayn went on his feet and walked towards the stairs, not until I grabbed his shoulder and pulled him backwards, causing him to stumble.

"Don't." I warned him but he just let a laugh out.

I clenched my free hand, ready as ever, until he eyed at it.

"Woah, hang on there, pretty boy. You don't wanna mess everything, do you? If you continue that, you'll lose her." Zayn uttered in a calm voice.

I softened my fist and let go of Zayn's shoulder.

He's right, I can't do this.

"Zayn, I beg you. Promise me you wouldn't. I admit, all girls fall head over heels for you than me. But please, don't take the girl who had done that for me." I murmured, feeling weak against him.

He then, chuckled. "Well, I can't promise anything. But I'll try. As long as she still loves you, I'll keep my distance. But if you ever hurt her, you won't get her back from me. May the best man win." He smirked and reached out a hand.

I pushed his hand away and chuckled. "I already won."

Amber's POV

"Babe, he's just on his period, right Niall?" Louis tapped my shoulder with a fake concerned look that can't really make my anger stay.

"Oh shut up." I rolled my eyes and slapped his shoulder.

"He's bipolar!" Louis shrieked at the top of his lungs.

I chuckled in response because I really didn't expect that Louis would act a little younger than he should. He really seemed to be the best of the boys, other than Harry of course.

"Babe, if you have huge problems like this with Harry, you can spill it all out to us. We'll help you. After all, you seem very nice." Eleanor cooed and hugged me tight. This couple is totally the best.

"I love you guys." I replied.

"Alright, I guess I need to wash the dishes for now." El stood up and walked away.

"I'll help you there babe." Louis ran towards his girlfriend to help. I'm so jealous of them. They look so happy together.

I heard a series of thumps from the stairs. Harry popped out and glanced at me.

"Babe, I'm sorry I was just-"

"Bipolar." I cutted him.


"Just kidding." I let a forced chuckle out and turn my back towards Harry.

"Amber, please forgive me. I'm just overprotective when it comes to you and-"

I cutted him again. "But he's your friend. You trust him right? And I've also been talking with Niall. You think I would cheat on you?! So you don't trust me?" I didn't notice that my voice was raising.

"Don't see it that way!" Harry sighed.

"Well that's how I see it! Harry we've only been dating for a DAY. And yet we already had a misunderstanding!" I retorted.

"I'm sorry. I promise I won't do it again. Just give me another chance please, Amber." He pleaded. His genuine puppy eyes were gazing in mines. He was sincere of saying this and I know I couldn't deny it. I love Harry with all my heart. He drives me crazy everytime.

And he just gave value to my life.

"You know I can't resist you. I admit you just gave my life color. I love you and always you. Could you please stop being a dickhead and just love me back?" I stepped forward him and gripped on his shirt collar, pulling it.

"I promise to stop being a dickhead and just love you back with all my heart." He cupped my cheeks and leaned over his forehead on mine. His eyes were mesmerizing as ever. Butterflies filled my stomach again.

Harry closed his eyes and slowly leaned forward.

I did the same and connected our lips once again.

Electric shocks went down my spine and a tingly sensation tickled every part of my body.

Our lips moved in sync. Every kiss is different, filled with emotions. And everytime we kiss, it makes me fall for him even harder.

"GET A ROOM!" I heard a familiar voice shout followed by different people's chuckle.

I pulled back and smiled at Harry. "Love you, cupcake."

"Love you too, uhmm...ice cream?" Harry raised an eyebrow.

I laughed at him and slapped his shoulder. "Stop being adorable."

"Stop being beautiful." He smiled.

Then, I felt a vibration on my pants. 

I took my phone and glanced at the screen.

1 new message from Chloe Shay

Chloe must've been enjoying the party of her cousin. I opened the message and read what she wrote.

Hey, Amber. Do you and your friends mind if I come over? Everyone here is drunk and it creeps me. No one is completely sober. I promise I'll just sit on the couch reading a magazine. I'm bloated so you don't need to feed me. Kk love youuuu xx

"Who was it?" Harry asked with a drink on his hand.

"It's Chloe. She's asking if she could come by. Do you guys mind?" I said.

"No, it's fine. Tell her she's welcome here!" Harry smiled.

"Ok." I took my phone and wrote a reply to Chloe.

Sure, babe. We don't mind if you come over. Just don't mess up! Be waiting for you. Love you lots xx

And clicked send.


"Hey guys, thanks for accepting me in the house. There weren't sober people in the party anymore." Chloe warmly grinned at us-me, Harry, Liam, and Niall- who were all sitting on the floor with pillows under our butts.

"Well, you're always-"I tried to utter but Niall butted in.

"You are always welcome in the flat, Chloe, because you're one of the most gorgeous girls I've ever seen." Niall cheekily complemented her and she blushed. Is this cheeky Irish boy flirting with my bestfriend?

"Well *cough* it's our *cough* flat not *cough* yours, Nialler." Harry coughed the words and Chloe, Li, and I chuckled.

"Urm...well, you're always welcome in Liam and mine's flat! If you want to go there." Niall uttered, not thinking about her reaction.

Liam spat him in the back and he groaned. "What was that for?"

Chloe chuckled, and she WAS blushing hard.

"Sorry, Chloe. He's not used to flirting, if that's his intention." Liam apologized.

"It's perfectly fine. It's cute anyways." Chloe cooed.

"Amber, do you wanna walk down the streets for some fresh air?" Harry suggested, flipping his hair to the side.

"Sure. Chloe, would you be fine if we leave for a moment?"

"Amber, she would be fine in my arms!" Niall reminded. I think this boy is just hungry.

"Chloe, let's watch a movie! Harry and Lou got stacks of dvds in their room!" Niall kept on jumping up and down, reaching out a hand for Chloe.

"That sounds great! Let's go." Chloe grabbed Niall's hand and went upstairs, leaving Harry, Liam, and I behind.

"I'll just go to Zayn. You can go ahead." Liam stood up and left us.


"I like it when the wind hit us hard and blow my hair backwards." I said smiling.

"I know right." Harry agreed.

"D'you think Chloe and Niall would look cute together?"

"Yeah they would, but not cuter than us." Harry stopped on his tracks and faced me, holding my shoulders together and gave me a peck in the lips.

I looked at the right side corner of where we were walking and it seemed familiar, like something had happened there. I looked at Harry whose eyes were plastered to whatever is infront of him.

"What?" Harry murmured.

"Y-you didn't tell me you were near the beach." I smirked.

The beach was where Harry and I kissed for the first time. The time I accidentally trusted him with all my inner secrets.

"You didn't ask," he chuckled. 

"Wanna visit it?"

I tugged his hands and hurriedly walked to the beach.

"Remember?" I asked at him but I frowned when I saw his blank face.

"You didn't?" I pouted.

"Of course I did! It was the best moment in the my life!" Harry threw his hands in the air and stumbled backwards, wind still blowing us away.

I laughed and threw a handful of sand to him.

"Amber, NO!" Harry begged, covering his face with his hands.

"You can't make me!" I took another handful of sand but before I could throw it to him, he had ran away.

"HARRY! COME BACK HERE YOU SILLY BASTARD!" I yelled, running fast with the sand on my hand.

"CATCH ME IF YOU CAN, ICE CREAM!" He shouted back, looking from his shoulders as he sprint away from me.

I didn't notice that I let all the sand pour away from my hand and as I looked, my hand was empty.

I didn't mind and placed my hands on my sides and ran fast as before, seeing that I'm just a few inches away from him.

Finally, as I got a hold on Harry's hood, he faced me but I was still running fast without control.

So what happened is, he crashed backwards and I fell on top of him.

We stared at each other for seconds until he pushed me to the side and he climbed on top of me. Now, we are in the opposite position. We're both laughing ourselves to death!

He finally stood up and helped me to sit.

He sat beside me and hugged his knees to himself. Then, he snaked his arms around my shoulders and pulled me close to him and made me lean my head on his shoulder.

"You're so beautiful." He whispered, playing with my hair.

"You're such a cupcake." I said.



"Do you know that there's a prom in two weeks?" Harry said.

"A week before the auditions?"


"So...?" I said, giving in to Harry's tease.

"The punch there is lovely." Harry teased.

"Shut your mouth. What are you saying Harry?" I laughed at him.

"I was saying, could you go to the prom with me?" Harry held my hands and looked me through the eyes.

"No." I faced away from him.

"Ridiculous! I know you can't handle my hotness!" Harry said.

"Don't be so arrogant!" I chuckled, spatting his arm.

"So, is that a yes?"

I leaned over to him and placed my hands on his cheeks.

"Yes, cupcake."

And kissed him like the kiss we had in this place.

Chloe's POV

"So what do you want to watch?" Niall asked, fumbling a bunch of dvds in his soft hands.

"Oooh why does Harry and Louis have Mean Girls?"

It's odd if boys owe a dvd of Mean Girls! But at the same time, I can't help but laugh.

"Cuz they're sassy!" Niall said in a thick Irish accent.

Afterwards, we started watching the movie.

Niall and I kept on saying the famous movie lines from the movie and we would both look at each other and laugh. A very very long hysterical laugh. He's like the male version of me. He's this cute, cheeky Irish that I just met.

While we were watching, I felt his hand slither into mine. And in my shock, he interlocked it.

He glanced at me and smiled, like he was pinching his eyes.

He leaned over and pecked my nose. It tickled me and I laughed at him. He didn't make things awkward between us. He's really lovely.

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