500 days with Cancer (Harry Styles Fanfiction)

They say everyone lived for a reason. Amber didn't know hers. Parents passed away, bullied by the whole school, and the worse, diagnosed with Cancer. She only wanted one thing; to reach her dream of being a singer.


1. Chapter 1.


Copyright 2012 (c) Darkangeljo

Preparing myself for highschool, I wore my cream tank and topped it with a denim cardigan. I paired it with my dark jeggings and my bow flats. I added foundation to my not-so smooth face to change it's skin tone to a tanner color.

I brush my lashes with mascara, brightening my Aquamarine-ish eyes.

Lastly, I added some glitterish lip gloss to my damp lips and pressed it.

I took a glance at myself and started modelling different awkward poses.

I was searching for my orange messenger bag in my closet until something fell to the ground and scattered.

My middle school yearbook.

The photos of my middle school times scattered around the floor.

It was weird when only 5 of the photos we're facing my direction and those in the pictures were the ones I hated the most.

Louis, Liam, Niall, Zayn, and the guy I shouldn't love, Harry Styles.

Sick of all the bullying, the threats, the lies, and the depression and insecurities they sent me. Although I hated them, I was madly inlove with one of them, Harry Styles.

I was totally a big mess in middle school. Bullies surround me.

Nobody liked me then except for my loyal friend, Chloe.

She was someone special in middle school. She's pretty, smart, and a great friend.

They disgust me when they always spied Chloe and I together. As for them, Chloe was unlucky to have me.

"Amber. You done yet?" Chloe shouted from the front of our house with her shiny, gray car showing off.

"I'm coming." I replied, thinking to myself if she even heard it.

"Are you ready for another year of challenge?" Chloe held onto my hand, piercing through my eyes.

"I guess." I answered with doubts to myself.

I jumped into her car's passenger seat. She inserted the car key, twisted it, and the engine started.

We drove off to Twin Branches Highschool, the school of demons.


"Ow ow ow." I pulled myself down the passenger seat with my foot lodging to the parts.

"Hurry up, Amber."

"I am hurrying up. I just-" Someone I saw cutted me.

Zayn Malik, one of the worse guys you'll meet in Twin Branches.

"Hide Chloe! Hide!" I tried to let her come upon me but she seemed puzzled.


"Zayn Malik's there! You should hide bef-"

"Hey, Chloe." Zayn pushed his hand against our car, leaning towards Chloe.

Chloe was disgusted. She swooped down and held my arm, defending me.

"And no-hello to you, fugly wuzzy." Zayn chuckled.

"Leave her alone." Chloe commanded fiercely.

"Oh alright." Zayn backed off.

"Hey guys! Guess who's back? Amber Jamber Wamber is." Zayn announced to the whole campus by shouting with his palms around his mouth.

I heard the crowd grinning. Then I heard a group of guys laughing at the same time. As each of the students heard about it, they started to crackle and snort upon me.

A bundle of crazy laughing, neverending laughters, finger-pointings and world-breaking embarassment.

I looked around as every student of the campus were staring at me.

Five, tall guys were in the middle, laughing continuously except for the curly one, Harry Styles, who was just staring at me.

It made me smile to know he wasn't laughing. Even if he bullies me, I don't know why I'm so unconditionally inlove with him.

But as soon as he saw me smile, he started to laugh at my embarassing face.

It went right through my weak heart.

I almost broke down but I felt an undesirable feeling in my mind to never let them be.

"STOP." I was fed up.

I silenced all the students who were laughing.

My five bullies were puzzled.

"Stop it." I requested.

"LET US BE." Louis continued laughing.

Suddenly, they hysterically laughed again.

"Let's go." Chloe requested and pulled me inside the campus accompanied with finger pointing and tapping of my shoulder.

"Why, Chloe?" I fell apart.

"They're just jealous of you." She lied to comfort me.

"No, Chloe. They hate me. What have I ever done to them?" Tears filled my eyes, making my vision blur.

"Ew oh my. Why do you even go to the comfort room? Can't you just pee at the grasses?" A group of girls entered and played over me.

"Shut your bloody mouths up, witches." Chloe pierced them through their eyes.

"No, Amber. Just be yourself and no one will hate you." She held my hands and begging me to try and avoid being scared.

"Let's go now. We might be late."

I nodded, wiping the tears off my face that ruined my make up.


"Amber, why do you look like someone has ran over to you?" Mr. Andrews noticed my face.

And as always, everyone in the room chuckled.


"No need to explain. We all know it." He cutted me.

"Okay class, I'm going to pick you a partner of the opposite gender and together, you will do a project about getting to know each other. You'll be doing a report about the questions in the booklet I'm about to give you which asks about each other's experiences and personal things in life. Deadline is next two weeks. Let's start off," Mr. Andrews adjusted his glasses and looking for partners.

"Ms. Lily and Mr. James." The two sat together. Mr. Andrews gave the booklet and they started.

"Ms. Alison and Mr. Tom." The two did the same.

"And Ms. Amber and Mr. Harry." My heart skipped a beat. I didn't realize that Harry and I will be partners.

"Why Amber?" Harry complained with his eyes widen.

"Because I said so."

Harry gave off an irritated sound.

The class looked at us and started gossiping.

Harry and I took our seat.

"So umm..let us start." I encouraged.

"So, what's your full name, Harry." I asked politely.

Harry just sat there, crossing his arms and ignoring me. I was finally fed up with his ignoring and underestimating attitudes towards me. I finally learned to stand up for myself.

"Okay, I get it. I know that I'm stupid, not your type, not deserving, and ugly. But you have no bloody right to stop me from being me." I ranted upon him as his eyes widen.

"I have rights, too. I'm a bloody human of this bloody Earth. Stop being a fool and let's do this bloody project for Christ's sake!"

I yelled at his face causing everyone in the room to glance at us.

"Ms. Amber?"

"Uh, sorry Mr. Andrews. Could I go to the comfort room for a minute?" I asked for permission

He nodded to allow me.

I proceeded to the comfort room and took a look at the mirror.

"What the bloody hell have I just done?" I started so pull my face downwards and regretting what I've said earlier.

"Amber?" Chloe popped out of one stall in the comfort room.


"What happened?"

"Uh I ranted upon Harry."

"You what?" She dropped her mouth.

"I know it's very ru-"

"That's totally great!" She opened her arms wide and smiled at me.


"Yeah great! You knew how to stand up for yourself. You're having improvements, Amber." She hugged me.

"Okay?" I was confused.

"Mmkaay. I got to go now sweetie. Cafeteria at 10." She tapped her watch and left.


"Sorry for what happened earlier." I appologized.

I looked onto my booklet and none of the items were blank. It contained all information of Harry. From his first name to his most embarassing experience.

"You filled it?" I raised my eyebrows at him.

"No, the birds did." He replied sarcastically.

"Ha. Ha. So funny." I faked.

He chuckled.

"You haven't had a girlfriend yet?" I was shocked.

"Umm. No." He awkwardly stated.

"You had a boyfriend?"

"Yeah. But we didn't really loved each other that much so we thought of breaking." I couldn't believe I trusted him with all my personal secrets.

"Hmm. Alright. So could you help me fill my booklet?" Harry politely requested.


We started talking and it wasn't really a bad conversation. I understood why Harry was mean at me. It was all caused by the peer-pressure. Zayn was actually the leader of all this stuff. He hated me because one day, my bag was scattered on the floor and he accidentally tripped on it causing all the students in the place to laugh all at once so he gave me this revenge.

I didn't know why but I think he might as well been spoiled by his parents much.

"It was really nice talking to you, Harry." I smiled at him.

"So was with you, Amber. Sorry for these bullying stuff before. You know, peer-pressure." He chuckled awkwardly.

"Yeah. I got to go. Chloe's waiting for me." I waved him goodbye and headed towards the cafeteria.


"Chloe!" I ran towards Chloe who was sat in the table alone, reading her textbook.

"Oh hey Amber. How was ranting up Harry?"

"It pretty much went to a better conversation. Harry and I are good friends from now on." I simpered.

"Aww I know you want it to be more than friends." Chloe gave me that look.

"Chloe!" I blushed tomato red.

"Why? Isn't it true?" She smiled.

"Of course not." I lied.

"Hey, Amber. Would you like to hang out after classes?" A warm hand was placed on my shoulder and deep, begging voice entered my ear.

"Harry?" I turned around and yes it was him.

On the corner of my eye, I saw the other table where the other 4 boys sat. Wait, I think Harry is setting me up! No Amber, you can't.

"Hangout where?" I asked.

"To the beach." He smirked.

The beach was just walking distance from my house. It is a romantic place for couple or becoming couples to enjoy the breeze of the sea and the horizon where the sun sets.

"Beach? With whom?"

"Just us." He smiled.

"Just us? What are we going to do there?" I can't stop asking questions. I'm afraid that he'll set me up.

"I wanna know a little more about you."

"Umm..okay. Aren't one of your friends coming?" I assured.

"Oh no. Don't worry they won't." He held my arm.

"So you're coming?"

"Yeah. I guess." I worried if they're gonna come.

"Okay. Meet you later."

I don't understand. It's just the very first day and it seemed like things are piling up on it already.

Harry's P.O.V.

"I can't believe you like her!" Louis dropped his spoon and fork to his plate, making a sound of disappointment.

"Boys, she's nice I swear. I regret that I bullied her. She has a unique life." I explained my opinions on her.

"She's a jerk Harry. What part of that couldn't you understand?" They all chuckled all at once.

"She's relevant. What part of her can't you understand? She's nice! If you don't believe me then you're missing alot in your life." I protested.

I can't believe they hate her for being perfect. I also couldn't believe I bullied such a beautiful girl.

I'm going to tell her all my thoughts. At the beach. Without fear.

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