Totally In Love<3

Meghan Collett and Her friends lives are great, but popularity is the ruling of the jungle. We all battle with grades, popularity and most importantly, love.


1. Scribbles and doodles are deeper than you think

Meg's pov:

History class as my first period is a nightmare to me. I mean, Mr. Class is is such an pain in my ass. Now I can see why Delaney calls his Mr. Ass. I try to focus on class, but my mind is filled with my weekly drama. I loss track in my actual world and replace it with my wanna-be life, but before I know it, class is over and my dreaming is cut short.

Algebra is next. We have a test today as well. Fanfuckingtastic. The girl next to me keeps on acting like she is the main reason why this class exist, but all I can see is that her brain is totally made out of shit. The test was easy. I mean, they call this class advance yet I don't see why it is so advanced from the other math classes. I doodle in my notebook. To many people, all they see is a butch of scribbles and hearts but i see is myself falling hopelessly in love. Noelle, next is done with her test too. She just grins and sighs at my doodles. She see a girl with so major issue with self-esteem when it comes to guys. He is just too nice to say it though. 

Algebra ends and my life moves on. For now.

Noelle's pov:

Algebra with Meg is pretty interesting. I mean, she is always doodling and scribbling down notes about this guy she likes and songs she is writing. I couldn't stop thinking of my Brett during Algebra today. He is in none of my classes. He is like the bread to my butter and with the bread (Brett) I am just the butter. Class ends and I run up to Brett. he holds me in his arms before he sees a teacher about to yell at  us for pda. After the few seconds with Brett, I have to go to my next class. Without him.

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