I Choose You

This is about 3 sisters that all try to impress Liam. Liam likes them all so he gets them to take him on a date and he'll decide who he likes best. The one on the left is Sophie, The one on the right is Jess and the one in the middle is Olivia


2. Call Me NOW!!

Sophie's P.O.V:

I hate Jessica. She's the worst older sister ever. Unlike Olivia who is the best. Jess is just so mean. So anyway Jess was the only one that didn't get Liam's number. I got it just like Liv. So I called him and asked him out. He said yes so we got to go on a date. So awesome!!!

Liam's P.O.V:

Sophie and I went on a date. So fun!! After our picnic we danced in the moonlight. I pulled up her head and looked straight into her eyes. I kissed her on the lips. It was just magic. So magic. It was a bit awkward after that. I got her number and took her home. It was a fun night.
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