It's gotta be you

This is a Zayn Malik love story fan-fiction. ��Nuff said��


5. Tonight's the night


Well, Zayn and I made up. We're now having a bonfire in Holly's backyard. We still use our time with Holly as a way to rub it into eachothers faces. We flirt with her to make it more painful for the other. Now, we are peacefully sitting around the fire. After singing the chorus of Moments, Niall sings his line. I wait for it to be my turn. Then it is. "Hands are silent, voice is numb, try to scream out my lungs, it makes this... Har-ar-ar-der-er-er" I sing. "And the tears stream, down my face" then it's Harry's turn. Glancing around the circle, I notice Holly staring at me from the corner of her eye. Tonight is the night.

Tonight I am asking out Holly. I must show Zayn that he can't always be the one to get the girls. I have had a few relationships, none of them working out though. This is going to work out though, or at least last for a long time.

Well, this is a great night. I blackmailed Zayn to tell me why he and Louis were arguing, and he eventually told me that they were fighting over me. Yes, me. Plain, boring, uninteresting me. Well, after that, I think that Louis is going to ask me out. He has been staring at me all night and then looking away and staring off into the distance as if that stare meant the world to him. It's weird.

I'm not too sure what I'm going to say when Louis asks me out. I don't want to reject him; it's just that I love Zayn more. Keeping in mind, I do love Louis.

Well, tonight's the night. Tonight's the night I ask Holly out. "Hey Holly" I ask her. "Can u please show me where the lemonade is? I would really like some." She gets up almost straight away. "Sure Zayn!" She replies enthusiastically. I walk with her inside, and, while we're alone, I use the opportunity to ask her out. "Holly, can I ask you something?" I quietly ask her, shaking. "Yeah?" She turns around to face me. "I's only been one day and all but...well....would you....go out" I manage to spit out. She looks at me with a concerned look on her face. That only lasts for a few seconds, though, because then her lips curve into a smile. "Yes Zayn, I will go out with you" she beams.


"Would you....go out" Zayn stammers out. I stand for a minute, concerned for Louis sake, but make my decision. I give a smile and reply happily "yes Zayn, I will go out with you" immediately causing him to burst into laughter. He grabs my hand and drags me outside. "Guess what?!" He exclaims. He holds up our hands still latched into eachother, and yells "we're going out!!" Oh, the look on Louis' face; it would break any normal persons heart. Unfortunately, I'm too excited to even feel any sympathy right now.

*sorry I had to break boobears heart- I'm sorryyyyyyy it's just I thought that I would twist this one around a bit ;( I'm not going to be a spoiler though,you'll have to wait and see what happens next!! XxDaisyxX*
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