It's gotta be you

This is a Zayn Malik love story fan-fiction. ��Nuff said��


6. Rejected


I sit in astonishment. I just got news that killed me inside. Holly and Zayn are going out. This is what I was dreading. I should've known that this was coming, and now I've been rejected after getting my hopes up. That was terrible. But now, I don't know what to do. I feel sick all of a sudden, and suddenly run upstairs. I lock myself in the spare room where Holly's friends Nicole and Caitlin were originally sleeping. I hear a knock on the door. "Who is it?" I yell, irritated. "It's me" I hear Liam, "and me" Niall also says.

I unlock the door and let them in. Locking it again, I notice that Niall has his guitar. " I thought I could sooth you with some background chords" he says, starting to play softly. "Why were you so upset?" Liam asks, obviously not knowing why I fought with Zayn the other day. "I love her, Liam. I was going to ask her out tonight, but Zayn ruined it!" I explain, struggling not to cry. "Do you know what it feels like to be rejected?" I ask him. He stares at the wall, tears welling up. "I do, actually. She was Ms. Charlotte Gardiner, my entire high school love. With long perfect straight blonde hair and beautiful green eyes with spots of purple in them, she was the only girl you could describe as perfect in the whole of the school. You'd hear her voice, you would come close to tears after hearing the amazing angels call. We were best friends for years, from kinder, through primary school and then to high school. But then I asked her out in year 9. That was the biggest mistake I could ever make. I was rejected, but worst of all, I lost my best friend. I never counted on girls as friends again. I was single up until The X Factor. Then I met Danielle. I won't go into that, though, but let me know when you need break up handling advice..." He replies grimly. Me and Niall put our arms around Liam. "Thanks Liam. That really helped" I say. I'm really glad that I'm not the only one who had to go through that.

I hear someone pound on the door. "LOUIS LET ME IN" a concerned voice yells. "ZAYN" I recognize the voice immediately "YOU'RE THE LAST PERSON I WANT TO SEE" I yell in hatred. "Let us in Louis" Holly shouts back. "OK, MAYBE THE SECOND LAST PERSON ZAYN, BUT STILL" I changed my mind. I kicked the door several times to make them stop. "Hey hey hey" I hear Harry interrupt their banging. "I know exactly how to cheer Boobear up" he laughs. I unlock the door and before Zayn and Holly can squeeze in, lock it again. "OH COME ON!!!" I hear Zayn's infuriated voice come through the door. "I have beer!" Harry announces. We all go for a bottle.


I stand outside the spare room door trying to reason with Louis. All I did was follow my heart and ask out the girl I love! It's not my fault that she said yes! "LOUIS ALL I DID WAS ASK HER OUT IT'S NOT MY FAULT I LOVE HER" I slam into the door. It eventually bursts open. I waltz in to see four drunk fellas sitting around. Louis was the worst. "I was gunna ask her out" Louis mumbles as I stand next to him. I stare at the drunken psycho creature as it burps up a smell that I don't particularly want to describe. He smashes a beer bottle and gets up, shoving the sharpened glass into my face. I slap his hand,causing him to drop the glass. "Everyone get out until someone cleans this up" I precaution. "I'll clean it up" Liam volunteers. He grabs a dustpan from under the bed and gets to work. I, being the strongest sober person lifts up Louis and carries him to the couch, where he falls asleep. I go to sleep on the spare bed in Holly's room.
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