It's gotta be you

This is a Zayn Malik love story fan-fiction. ��Nuff said��


7. Giving up

"Louis let us in" I pound on the door angrily. Why can't he just accept it? I love Holly, and though he does too, he was too late. "Louis" I hear Holly whisper through the crack in the door. "Let us in." She pleads quietly. "Why should I?" I hear him growl in response. "Because I want to apologize" she replies. 'For what?!' I think to myself angrily. I see the door slither open, revealing Louis' sour face. Holly walks in, with me trailing behind. I go inside and see the guys glaring at me. I just roll my eyes and sit down on the floor. I love her! He just has to stop being a baby and put up with it.

What am I meant to say? Zayn asked me out and you were too late? Sorry but I love him more? How is it even possible to say this without hurting Louis' feelings? "Louis..." I start, unsure of what I'm planning to say next. "He asked first. If you had've asked first, I would've said yes. But you didn't. I'm sorry, but it's too late. I love you, but...." I end up trailing off. I go and plonk myself down beside Zayn, looping my arms around his neck. "He got me" I whisper almost silently. His face turns to a sour expression, then to a disgusted expression, then, finally, to a depressed one. I realize that he finally knows that I'm not giving up Zayn. "I'm sorry it has to be that way" he grumbles. I get up and walk over to him. "You have to realize this" I say, sitting down slowly next to him. I hear a low rumble come from his throat. I notice a hand slip onto Louis' shoulder. "Louis" Zayn cautions. They glare at eachother for a moment that feels like it's going forever. Then, Louis stands up. Still staring harshly, he growls "give me some time" and storms out. Niall comes to stand beside me "you know Louis and his temper" he says reassuringly. I loop my arms around Zayn and drag him onto the floor. We lie there and talk as if nobody else is there. "I didn't do anything wrong, did I?" I plead into Zayn's ear. "No" he whispers back. I lean on his shoulder and close my eyes. It's been a really long day!

Holly snores lightly into my ear as I sit here on twitter on my iPhone. I start tweeting to all my fans.

*zaynmalik: @HollyLovesya I miss you, wake up already :(*

*louis_tomlinson: @zaynmalik naw, that's so cute.*

I scowl at that tweet and decide that I won't look too good if I tweet what I really want to say.

*zaynmalik: @louis_tomlinson I'm sorry I got her first.*

I get lots of replies to that one, and decide to check what they say.

*@misscarrots: @zaynmalik what's going on?*

*@zaynsmirrors: @zaynmalik are you ok? What happened?*

*@princesspussycats: @zaynmalik don't you dare hurt Louis >:(*

I throw my phone across the room after reading that last tweet. I didn't do anything to him on purpose! He's just being a baby.

I guess I'm being a bit unfair. It's not Zayn's fault I love Holly. I decide to apologize even though I barely even mean it. I decide to do it on twitter; it's harder face-to-face.

*@louis_tomlinson: look @zaynmalik I'm sorry I've been stupid. It's just hard. She's.. she's so much more than just some fan. You're lucky you have her, and I'm sorry I was such a sore loser.
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