It's gotta be you

This is a Zayn Malik love story fan-fiction. ��Nuff said��


10. First reminder of Eleanor


"Louis!" Harry calls enthusiastically from downstairs. "Someone's on the phone for you!" 

I start mumbling unintelligent words to myself as I stumble down there. As I get closer, I realize who the voice is. 

'Eleanor' I think to myself. 

A wave of excitement shoots through me, but then I realize that I should be worried. I fell in love with someone else while I was on tour! Thinking abut this, I realize that I am too excited to realize that I am meant to be rejected. 

I snatch the phone out of Harry's hand and press it to my ear in a flash. 

"Eleanor!" I beam into the phone. 

"Hey Boobear, how've you been?" She asks. 

"Actually, I just remembered! We've got a concert tomorrow!" I remember, grimacing. We haven't practiced at all. 

"You must've been busy these past few days. What have you been doing?" She presses. I struggled for words. 

"We were chased until we stumbled into someone's house and we're staying there. The crowd haven't eased up; if anything, they've gotten bigger"I explain. 

"Oh really? So what's the war between you and Zayn on twitter? I noticed you included a 'she'. Could you really explain that?" She barks. I just gaped into space. So she saw it...

 Well, I'm toast.

"What do you mean?" I ask, trying to keep my tone levelled. 

"You're obviously cheating, Louis! That's what I mean!" She yells. I wince. 

"Technically, it's not cheating if you've forgotten about one of the girls.." I hiss back, regretting the words momentarily.

 They are, true, but I'm not going to say that.

Eleanor gasps on the other end of the line. 

"We're through, Louis William Tomlinson. Goodbye!" She cries, and the phone beeps in my ear, informing me that she hung up. 

Drama queen.


*Holly's POV*

"Who was that?" I ask Harry. He mumbles something under his breath, looking down at his feet.

"Nobody" he murmurs.

"Come on Harry, why are you so nervous?" I press. I already know who, though, by what Louis said into the phone when he finally pressed it to his ear. I just want to see whether Harry will tell me or not.

"EleanorLouisoldgirlfriendwascalling" he says really fast. 

"Haz, come on, a bit slower?" I continue, forcing my mouth into a seductive smile. It always works on the boys.

He sighs and forces an evil smile onto his face. 
"You're not getting an answer that easily" he says, and I grunt, heading towards the kitchen.

"For the record, I already know." I whisper in his ear as I pass him, and he lets out a groan. 


"I heard him answer the phone, you know. I'm not that gullible." I state, walking into the kitchen. Maybe some food will cheer me up. 
I open the fridge and snatch out a can of Pepsi Max, and then go to the small drawer-island in the middle of the kitchen and grab a packet of Shapes. 

"What's wrong anyway?" Harry hisses, and I realise that he's standing next to me. "You're going out with Zayn!" 

I stare at my feet and notice in my peripheral vision that Harry has started smirking. 

"You like Louis, don't you" he whispers. I look up at him, giving him the filthiest glare I can manage. 
"Don't worry. Your secret is safe with me" he says, walking out. 

What did I just get myself into?

* sorry for the short chapter, but my friend has been annoying the shit out of me to update :p anyway, have any ideas?? Idek 






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