It's gotta be you

This is a Zayn Malik love story fan-fiction. ��Nuff said��


3. First morning


As I stand by the back door, thoughts buzz through my mind. Was Zayn really jealous when me and Harry were wrestling? Why did he go outside? Why didn't Liam let me go and talk to Zayn? When I realize that I can faintly hear the boys talking, I concentrate on listening. I might find out why he's so upset. "What? Are you really jealous?" I hear Liam ask him. I thought Harry was making that up. There's a long silence. Zayn breaks it. "To tell the truth, I'm not really sure."

As I wake up in the morning, I realize that Zayn is my One Direction hottie., never mind. He would never think that, although it would completely explain why he was upset last night. I roll over and remember that my best friends, Erin, Caitlin and Nicole from my band slept over. Erin is my only friend who was a fan of One Direction before we met them, so I go to her for advice first. "Erin" I shake her awake. "Erin" I continue. "Mmmmmmm...." She groans, rolling over. "Go away" she mumbles. "I need advice" I explain. "Wake up!" As I notice her drifting back to sleep, I shove her from side to side, which results in her falling off the bed. As she turns to face up, she complains "there, I'm awake. You happy?" I smile. " Yes." She glares at me. "What do you want?" She asked, still glaring. "I need to tell you something that you must swear you will never tell to any other single soul." "Ok, I promise. So, what is it?" she replies impatiently. "I am in love with Zayn Malik." I whisper. She starts laughing. "You? And Zayn? HA that's funny." She giggles. Cupping my hand over my mouth, I hiss at her "SHUT UP, he could be listening! So, I need advice. What do I do? I know it's only been a day, but seriously, I need him." I stare at her intensely while she thinks. "I'm not sure, but I'll sleep on it." She says. Cheeky thing. She climbs back into bed and has one last laugh before falling asleep.

As I tiptoe out of my room, I notice downstairs that everyone else fell asleep on the couches, except for Niall, who slept on the floor. I can't really say that I expected to see Zayn awake, and realize that he will probably be the last to wake up. As I pour myself some Fruit Loops, I wander into the other living room to watch my morning show. It's the quiz show 'Think About It' where kids of the ages 12-15 go through four rounds being asked random questions, except for round three where the categories for the questions are chosen. I love this show, because I am great at answering the questions. It is an amazing show.

I feel someone plonk beside me. Getting my hopes up, I turn to the side expecting to see Zayn by my side. Instead, Louis is sitting there, induced in the show. He turns to face me, and grins. "I have the perfect idea" he whispers mischievously. "Do you know the wake up song?" He asks me. "Well, of course I do! Duh!" I answer, grinning. I know where this is going. "I'll grab my guitar, you keep guard." I instruct. He lightly laughs at my determination. I creep up the stairs to grab it, and sneak back down. We walk into the lounge room, making no noise whatsoever, and started playing the chords. I sang the first line; "it's time to get up, in the morning, got McDonalds breakfast for you,...." And continue with Louis echoing me. Unexpectedly, Liam sits up and sings his line "so you better get up and eat it" with Louis joining him for the next line:"you don't wanna be a selfish, lazy boy" then we started yelling the chorus "SO WE GOTTA GET UP! TIME TO GET UP!" And finished the chorus before Harry got up saying the punchline "time to get up!" Then lay back down.

Groaning, Zayn rises off the couch. "Shut up" he moans, laughing. "NO" I giggle, dragging him off the couch. Seeming completely immobilized, he flops onto the floor. "Ouch!" He complains. "Get up if you don't want me to drag you" I point out. Pouting like a child, Zayn stays plastered to the floor. Such a lazy poo. I give up dragging him and turn to see Niall tucking into my bowl of cereal. Typical.
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