It's gotta be you

This is a Zayn Malik love story fan-fiction. ��Nuff said��


2. First love

*Chapter two: I need more ideas! Please comment some! XxDaisyxX*

The planets aligned tonight for a small meteor shower followed by a lunar eclipse. I am sitting outside with the grass tickling my legs. I sit in white torn shorts and a baggy singlet, realizing that One Direction would be in my house for a while; the fans have not yet left. As I sit watching the passing meteors, I listen to peaceful music that is loud enough to drain out the screams anyway. It's not until I look to the side that I realize that Zayn has plonked down with me. I sigh. He's been on my side ever since he has come into my house. He notices me staring, and turnes to look at me. His light brown eyes glisten in the moonlight. I take out a headphone, and come to the realization that the cheering has stopped. I peer over the fence to see that the fans have CAMPED OUT in front of my house. This is worse than the noise. I turn off my music and shove my phone and headphones into my pocket. When I look back, he is still looking in my direction.

"Hey" he says, his words making my heart beat. He was always my favourite. "Hey" I reply modestly, but secretly fan-girling on the inside. "You know, we never really got your name." He points out. "Me and the guys, that is." He adds. "It's Holly" I reply. "Holly Scurr" I quickly correcting myself. "Ahhhh..such a pretty name..." He murmurs. "What?" I ask, unsure if I'd heard right. "Nothing!" He quickly snaps, as if he wasn't meant to say that about my name. "You know, you have been the nicest out of all the boys since you've come here" I say, staring down. I look up to see Zayn looming in his thoughts. As if considering whether my statement was true, he continues staring to the side. He then slowly cranes his neck to watch me as I watch him back. "Well, I just thought that the other guys were being a bit inconsiderate." He replied. I make a face.

I should've admitted the truth. I have been developing a crush on Holly since the first moment I saw her. That was when she fainted. I sat on a chair in her dining room where we entered her house and also where she fainted. I was worried about how long it would take for her to wake up; I wanted to know more about her. Now, we're sitting out the back of her house staring at the stars. "Holly" I ask, "who was your favourite member of One Direction before we moved in?" She hesitates, blushing. "You were my favourite, Zayn" she whispers. This makes my stomach burst into tiny little flutters. "And you still are."

"Why am I your favourite?" I question her. Again, she hesitates before answering, but takes longer this time. "Because, I love your voice and....." She trails off. "HE'S HOT, THAT'S WHAT YOU'RE THINKING!" I hear a familiar voice yell from inside. As I turn around, Holly and I both glare at Harry who is standing at the door. "I HEARD YOUR ENTIRE CONVERSATION, AND I'M SO SAD. WHY AM I NOT YOUR FAVOURITE?!?!" He teases. I blush, and see Holly get up. She shoves Harry to the ground and starts wrestling him violently. He pushes her off him as they get up. "Sorry Zayn, I forgot, now that she's your girl, I'm not aloud to touch her." He laughs. He shouldn't have done that. Holly leaps up and attacks Harry. He falls, still laughing. As I look around, I realize that the rest of the guys and girls have gathered around to watch. I walk out, mad with Harry.

I'm sitting in the backyard in the enchanted forest like garden. There is a white wooden bench chair with big curly rooted trees. Fairy lights line the branches bloomed with beautiful yellow magnolias. I hear footsteps coming through the grass. Two familiar voices whisper. "I should go and see how he is, shouldn't I?" "No, I'll go. I know how to deal with him when he needs to cool off. Besides, if you're going to ask him anything, you need to catch him at the right time." Daddy Directioner in work. As the other person trails away, Liam slowly comes over to seat himself beside me. "What's wrong?" He asks. He knows exactly what was wrong. "Harry, that's what's wrong. He's such a tease, and he's just so annoying" I explain, annoyed. He stares at me, obviously trying to think of what to say next. "Well, what did he do? Have a wrestling war with Holly, so?" I look up to the fairy lights and watch them as they flicker. "What, are you actually jealous?" He questions, turning to me. Am I jealous? I don't know. Just that I knew as soon as I met her that I would fall in love with her. "To tell the truth, I'm not sure." I whisper.

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