It's gotta be you

This is a Zayn Malik love story fan-fiction. ��Nuff said��


4. First day

*I need ideas! HELP MIII~ XxDaisyxX*

Well, Holly just dragged me off the couch to get up, but not before her and Louis sang Time To Get Up, and because that was the first thing I saw, I'm pretty happy.

As I gnaw on my piece of toast with strawberry jam, Louis comes and sits beside me with a bowl of cornflakes. "We all know you love Holly" he sniggers. "How did you know?" I ask sarcastically. "Because, whenever you like someone, you become best friends with them and eventually go out with them. Then, they cheat on you or you cheat on them." He reminds me. "Don't remind me, Lou" I hiss. "That was a mistake, and I won't do it again." I add. "I know, but it never works out. What makes you think that Holly will be any different? She's just another crazed fan who fell in fake love with you. It's never real." He whispers. "You don't know that" I yell, shoving him down. "You're just jealous" I continue. "Why would I be jealous?" He asks me, starting to shake. "I know you. Whenever you bring that up, you're just jealous of something that I have and you don't. This time, it's Holly" I shout, making sure though to lower my voice with that last part. "Fine, I am jealous. But I'm the one who she'll choose" he spits in my face. "That's it." I yell. I punch him full on in the face, leaving his nose bleeding. At the sound, everyone comes running. Next thing you know, he knocks me out.

As I look in the mirror, I am horrified by the thing staring back at me. A lump has swollen up around my eye, and fresh bloodstains have dried from the bottom of my nose right down to my chin. Drops of blood have stained my plain white tee, and my face just looks like a lump of bruises. According to the doctor, who made a house call, it will be fine in a few days. What won't be, though, is my broken nose. Liam grabs a small tube of antiseptic cream and smooths the white fluffy lotion around my eye. He notices me wincing. "Sorry" he apoligizes. I accept the apology and show him this by slightly nodding in his direction. Standing in front of the mirror to the right of me, Louis is giving me a hard death stare. Hey, he's the jealous one. I stick my tongue out at him immaturely, then look away.


I've never expected that any of the boys from One Direction could have such a bad fight. But this one between Louis and Zayn was shocking. Zayn was the first one to punch Louis, and he fought back, but he actually made Zayn pass out. They both had blood pouring from their noses, and swollen, bruised faces already getting ugly. I carried Zayn on my back up to the bathroom where he woke up and was cared for by Liam. They both looked pretty hurt. Nobody knows what they were arguing about, but it must've been something bad. The worrying thing is, that, because I was just in the room next to where their tussle, I could vaguely hear what they were saying. For some reason, I heard my name. Twice. This is what is worrying me. "Guys, tell me, please, why were you fighting?" I plead. They look at eachother, shake their heads and then at the same time reply "no." This annoyed me. "Well, I'm going out. If you want to come, I'm sure my friends will show you how to get out the back way, because I am fed up at the moment. As I storm out, I turn back for a quick glance and see that Zayn and Louis are both staring at me with sad eyes. I roll my eyes and turn back.

This exactly what I need. To get out of the house and just go and get a coffee. Of course, as soon as I stepped out the door, I was completely mobbed by fans. But that doesn't matter. I am now in a state of absolute happiness and relaxation. As I take another sip of my hot delicious beverage,I start thinking. I do love Zayn. But.... He wouldn't love me.... I'm just boring with messy brown hair and light brown eyes like his. I'm not skinny, I'm not popular and I'm not very interesting. What would he see in me? My personality? Too weird. My looks? I'm barely pretty. I was teased at primary school for having these buck teeth of mine. My voice? It's hardly even soothing. It's hard for me to think of why he would love me. I just need to remember not to get my hopes up or expect him to ask me out.
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