our song <3

This story is about a girl named katlin. Who is in love with louis yes from band 1D louis makes her a song and calls it.one thing but when he leaves for xfactor with out saying good bye their frindship fads away but wene katlin hears there song on radio she makes a promise she will find him and never let him go will she find him ? :)


2. the text <3

I got home andwent into my room i laid on my bed belly first with my face in my pillow i stared screaming as my mom walked in she stared at me like i was crazy i got up and ran to hug her and she still had a confused face on her i faced her and said thanxs for makeing me move :) it was the best thing that happened to me :) she laughed and walked out i sat on my bed staring at my phonewondering if i should text him but i decided. To wait. I turned on my t.v and started to do my homework wene i got a text i wonderd who it was . I lokked at my screen wene a huge smile came. On my face as i saw the name CARROTS. On my screen i opened the message and it said "hey katlin its louis why didnt you text me ..:/ " i replyd saying " hey sorry i didnt text you right wene i got home but umm how did you get my number "? " twitterof course were eles " he said i laughed and continued texting him we ended up texting the whole night i feel asleep with a smile on my face i woke up with my phone ringing i picked up without lookingwho it was "hello" i said. " hey babe i was wondering if you wanted to go to the fair with me since its saterday " i looked at my screen wene i saw carrots on my screen i said yes of course i would love to go with you. " great ill pick up up around 3 is that fine"? He said " its perfect ":)
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