our song <3

This story is about a girl named katlin. Who is in love with louis yes from band 1D louis makes her a song and calls it.one thing but when he leaves for xfactor with out saying good bye their frindship fads away but wene katlin hears there song on radio she makes a promise she will find him and never let him go will she find him ? :)


4. last week

I got out the car and ran inside i ran upstairs and started crying finally something good happened to me and it all ruined if he makes it in i wouldnt see him anymore i cryd and cryd intill i heard a knock on my door i went down staris with watery eyes as i opened the door i saw louis with watery eyes to he looked me in the eyes and said i promise i will come back and i will find you i wont forget about you no matter what i made you a song can i sing you it i agrred and let him in he got.his guitar and started playing then i heard his voice i never heard him sing before i heard him sing " get out get out get out of my head and fall in to my arms instead " he finshed tje song and said this is Our song dont you ever forget that i huged him and said thanx you i love it and i will never forget our song and i will never forget you he got up and left .*i have been with louis everyday for the past week and today was his last day i was helping him pack wene i saw his superman boxers i yelled hey lou *yeah he yellefd out these are so cute i said he came in the room ehile i was. Holding them up he started blushing and ran to get them. Aww is some one embarrised since i found their underwear he laughed and said nooooo i laughed and finished packing he came over and huged me thanxs for helping me he said no problem i said he smiled. While getting in the car remember to watch me on exfactor everyday i go on okay. I laughed and said i promise a tear ran down my cheek as he drove of i sat in my car thinking what it would be like if he stayed then i drove home
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