our song <3

This story is about a girl named katlin. Who is in love with louis yes from band 1D louis makes her a song and calls it.one thing but when he leaves for xfactor with out saying good bye their frindship fads away but wene katlin hears there song on radio she makes a promise she will find him and never let him go will she find him ? :)


3. carnival

I got up and looked at the clock it was already 12 i went down stairs to. Eat some food i got to the kitchen and got some pancake mix out i made my self some pancakes with orange juice wene i was done i went upstairs to take a shower wene i got out i got this really cut outfit that was bran new i got a text from louis that said " hey babe. Got to tell you something very important - louis i wonder what he needs to tell me i. Went to the bathroom to do my make up and hair i decided to pjust leave my hair straight and just put my bottom eyeliner on i got done getting ready and it was already 2:50 time was going by fast. Wene suddnly i heard a knock on my door i ran down stairs and opened the door and there was louis holding roses in his hand he handed them to me and said these are for you and i joked no there for the tree he laughed and said yes they are i love her :) i smiled and said shall we goo while he said we shall he led me to his car and opened the door for me *skip the car ride*we got to the carniviel and he paid for our braclets i looked at him and said i could have bought my own he screamed NO. I laughed and said okay he grabed my hand and started running to a ride i wasnt sure if i liked it or not he laughed and said let me gusse you dont like rides i nodded and said nope he laughed and said tell you what if you go on this ride with me i will win you a teddy bear i screamed and got in line i love teddy bears :) as soon as i got in. The ride i regreted giving in i screamed the whole time as we flipped and spun i got out the ride and screamed you owe me a big teddy bear he laughed and said okay with a huge smile he ran over to a basketball game it said if you get 2 out of three shots you win he tried and he dident make it the second time he did then the third tim he. Made it !! He choose a bigg teddy bear and handed it to me saying here you go love i hugged the bear and. Started laughing. We spent all night there intill. it closed we went in his car and i rememberd he had something to tell me i looked at him and said hey lou what did you want to tell me ?? He looked at me with sad eyes and said well umm imm leaveing in a week to addition for x factor and if i make it i might not come back i stared at him with teary eyes and said can you please drive me home he aggreed and drove home.
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