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This story is about a girl named katlin. Who is in love with louis yes from band 1D louis makes her a song and calls it.one thing but when he leaves for xfactor with out saying good bye their frindship fads away but wene katlin hears there song on radio she makes a promise she will find him and never let him go will she find him ? :)


1. bio

Name : katlin
It all started wene i moved schools from fairfield. Wene i walked in my class i couldnt help but notice this really cute guy my teacher pointed to a empty seat that was right next to him this was my final year in school. I wanted to talk to the cute guy and learn his name so i droped my pencil hopeing he would pick it up.And he did he leaned over and said "i think you droped something hi my name is louis and yours "? Katlin i said with a giggle he asked me whats my classes so i gave him my class list .he looked at them and smiled " looks like we have all our classes together " i smiled and thought to my self i was the happiest girl in the whole school before i knew it the bell ringed and he got up and said " can i show you to your next class" of course i said with a smile the whole day he led me to my classes andshowed me around and introduced me to his friends i felt soo happy to be with him the whole my day could not get better intill... he grabed my phone. And but his number in and put his name in as CARROTS:) hewalked me to my car and said his good bye as i got in and drove off.
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