More Then Friends

Zoey and Niall have been friends since they can remember , Zoey has always been there for Niall , Niall has always been there Zoey . When Niall comes back from tour with boys , they all invite Zoey to spend the summer with them , in the summer she discovers a crush on one of the boys. read and find out ~crazyforharry


9. No Letters, Just Love

Zoey's POV

I looked at the letter . It was Liam the whole time. I threw the letter on my bed and ran to his room. He was laying on his bed , his eyes closed . I smiled and let a few tears frm my eyes. Liam loves me . I watched as Liam just layed there. I took a few steps closer, and stopped when i was at the edge of his bed. I watched as he breathed in and out .  He  would take care of me. I know it. I sat on his stomach , and before he could open his eyes , I kissed him  . I saw his eyes widen then relax . He held onto to my waist,as i wrapped my arms around his neck. I pulled away , and looked at Liam.

"It was you the whole time"? i asked


Liam nodded . "Well , yeah your beautiful and i was to shy to say it face to face."

I looked down and blushed . "I never thought ou would like me." And I'm sorry for kissing you like that." i said still looking down.

Liam lifted my chin up "Don't be."

I smiled and laid down in his arms . "I broke up with Zayn."

"I know . I heard it all. I put it in the note ." Liam repiled

Niall walked in the room . "We're going to eat now. Do you guys want to eat now?

I looked at Liam , and he nodded . We walked to the dining room , and sat at the table . Zayn walked out from his room , a leather jacket in his hand.

"Where are you going ?" Liam asked

On a date , to the club. I don't even care." Zayn said

I slowly ate my food, trying not to make any eye contact with him.

Zayn let out a grunt then slammed the door shut , signifying thet he left

"Its not your fault." louis said

I smiled and looked at my plate

"He just can't handle your love." Liam stated . I smiled again and looked up at the boys. Liam kissed my cheek, and Niall smiled like mad.

"Thanks boys" i said

We finished our food and talked about their next concert , and everything else we will be doing

Harry and Niall went to their rooms for naps, and Liam went to grab something for his bedroom . I sat on the couch with Louis across from me

"I wonder what its like to date you" Louis whispered i smiled and jumped on his couch.

"Oh, Lou." I sighed . Louis looked at me and smiled . "I'm serious. Zayn had you then lost you , now Liam has you."

I looked at him . "I'm no dating Liam i said

"Well , i don't think so." i muttered

Louis looked at me . "Don't lie."

I smiled . "I'm not!"

"Do you want to ?"

"Maybe i dont know."

Louis nodded his head . "I hope you two will be happy."

"i smiled and kissed his cheek once more."  " I love you Lou"

I got up from the couch and walked to Liam's room . I opened it and saw in in grey jack wills sweatpants with no shirt.

"You have a a nice body Payne" i said smiling . Liam smiled and hugged me . I hugged back , the feeling the love he's giving me

"Thanks love." i'd like to see if you have one too

I smiled "In your dreams"

i laid on his bed , and closed my eyes . the conversation between Louis and i flashed through my mind. As well as the breakup between Zayn and I , and the kiss between Liam and I . A lot of things happend today . I felt Liam get in bed with me and wrap his arms around my body.


"No more letter Zoe, just love."





Sorry i know am being slow with the updates but i started school and you know lots and lots of homework!!!

But what do you think about Liam and Zoey will they really become a couple? and What happend to Zayn will he ever get over his breakup with Zoey?

What about Zoey? Will she fall head over heels for Liam or will she fall for Louis ? Remember Zoey kinda has a crush on Louis ..... :O

Keep reading and adding likes and making my story your favs!!



                                                                     - Nicole TomlinsonPayne :)






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