More Then Friends

Zoey and Niall have been friends since they can remember , Zoey has always been there for Niall , Niall has always been there Zoey . When Niall comes back from tour with boys , they all invite Zoey to spend the summer with them , in the summer she discovers a crush on one of the boys. read and find out ~crazyforharry


12. Mixed Feelings..

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Liam's Pov 

I looked at her, and swallowed hard.

"Your ready to date me?"

Zoey nodded her head, and locked fingers with mine. She looked in my eyes and kissed me..hard. I was suprised at first. I notices what was happening , and quickly pulled away.

"Zoe, are you sure about this?" i asked. I heard a few mumbles, then looked at Zoey. She was laying on the bed , her eyes closed.

"Sorry Liam. I got a bit carried away again. Sorry" 

I smiled to myself, then laid down next to her

"Is Zayn back?" she spoke up/


"I hope he's alright"

"You should call him"

"Okey" I took out my phone , and dialed his number. One ring. two rings, three rings, voice mail.

"He's not picking up" i said

Zoey's eyes started to get glossy.

"This is all is my fault. If i didn't break up with him, he would been here. He wouldn't be gone, wherever he is" 

I looked at her " You're wrong. Zayn can get over this. Trust me"

She gave me a slight smile, then gave me a kiss on the cheek. She got of bed , then walked to the doorway

"Thanks Liam"

Zoey's Pov

I walked out of Liam's room, my heart was breaking. I didn't exactly know why. I listened to Liam. Its not my fault. I decided to talk to Harry. I walked into his room and saw him on his laptop.

"Hey Harry" i muttered. Harry looked up and gave me a smile, He patted the emtro part of his bed , and i sat down. He closed his laptop , and looked at me.

"What's wrong?" he asked

I laid down, and closed my eyes. "Zayn isn't back yet. It's my fault isn't?

"No. Zayn can get over it. He's a big boy." Harry replied. He pulled me close and kissed my forehead. I looked up at Harry and saw him smiling. I smiled to myself , not even knowing why.

"Harry, how come your so comforting?" i asked , i closed my eyes and waited for a reply.

"That means alot, not many people tell me that, i honestly don't know. The other lads tell me the same thing." Harry replied.

"I sat up, and gave Harry a hug. "Thanks"

I got up and left the room, with a half smile on my face. I walked down the hall, until i got to Louis' door. I knocked and heard a noise from inside. I smirked and opened the door. Louis quickly hid under the duvet. I laughed and laid on his bed.

"I know you're in there Lou" i mumbled. Louis let out a laugh, and peeked his head out.

"Uhh,you are such a child." I smirked Louis smiled and held his arms put. I laid in his arms, and filled my body with his warmness. "So, what are you doing here?" Louis asked , after kissing my forehead. I smiled , then it quickly faded away.

"Umm, do you think the whole Zayn thing is my fault? You know, how he isn't here yet?" i asked. Louis pulled away, and looked me in the eyes.

"No,no,no. Why would you think of that?"

"Well, the rest of the boys said it too" i mumbled. Louis let out a sigh, then kissed me on the forehead once more. "It isn't your fault. It isn't."

I pulled away and looked at him. Before i could stop myself , our lips met. I felt the sparks, the same thing i felt with Liam.When i pulled away , i could only think about one thing : i have mixed feelings.


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