More Then Friends

Zoey and Niall have been friends since they can remember , Zoey has always been there for Niall , Niall has always been there Zoey . When Niall comes back from tour with boys , they all invite Zoey to spend the summer with them , in the summer she discovers a crush on one of the boys. read and find out ~crazyforharry


5. Letter Three

Zoey's P.O.V

I quickly hid the note under my pillow . Who keeps sending me these? Well, obviously it couldn't be Niall or Zayn.Or, maybe it could. Whoever is sending these is making it pretty hard to guess who he is. I pulled the the note back out , then quickly hid it once i heard footsteps coming . Louis peeked his head in.

"What time did u get up ?" he asked yawning. I thought for a second . "A few minutes before you" i mumbled . Louis nodded. "I'll be in the shower . And that were gong to the beach today. We bought you a few bikini's. If you didnt see them." he said before walking away. I nodded even though he wasnt there. Cound it be Louis?. No , that wound'nt make no sense . Louis never like me like that. I walked over to my drawer , and pulled out a neon pink and white  striped bikini. I slipped in on and looked at myself in the mirror . Whoever likes me has no taste in women.

Mystery P.O.V

I walked to my room , and went in the shower. Once i was out, i put on my swimming trucks and laid on m bed, my laptop on my stomach. I thougt for a second, then began typing. I reread the letter and then printed it put . I checked the hall , and saw on one in it. I walked my way over to Zoey's room , the note in my pocket.

I peeked my head in."Hey Zoey." i mumbled

She peeked her head for the bathroom. "Hey! " she chimed. she was dressed in the bikni that i chose. "You look great." i said admiring her.

"Thanks you do too." she said poking my arm. I smiled . "I guess you heard we're going to the beach then?"

"Yeah." she mumbled. I turned around

"Well i'll see ya then."

She nodded . "I guess so."

I walked back to my room and hid the note under my pillow. I laid down and fell asleep

Louis' POV

I took a shower and got changed . i walked aroundeach and every room. Busting the door open. I did'nt care it anyone was in the room or not . I needed something to do. I walked to the living room and jumped on the the rest of the boys. "Get up!" i yelled , at the top of my lungs. The sleeply boys looked at me and raced to the bathroom. "Suckers." i muttered to myself.

I went to the kitchen and made some bacon and eggs. I sat at the table and ate quietly. Soon , Liam, Harry and Zoey joined

Liam ate slowly , and kept on smiling

"What are you so happy about?"  i asked

Liam looked at me. "I love the beach." he relpied

Zoey smiled. Let's just hope Zayn actually goes in the water this time she giggled. Zayn came running out, with a mirror and a comb in his hand. "I heard my name and the word water"  he said keeping close attention to his hair . Zoey just giggled more. "We were just saying , that you should come in the water this time." she said eating some eggs , Harry nodded and Liam took a  sip of his juice

Nial came running in a matter in minutes . "I smell food!" he said in a happy tone . He rushed over to the table and took some bacon from each plate . "Nialler!!" Zoey screamed . Niall just stood there like nothing happened.

Zayn finally finshed his hair then screamed : "Lets go to the beach!!"

Liam's POV

We all go up and ran to the door. We didnt even stop to put the dished away. Once we got in the car , well van , Louis sat in the drivers seat . Harry next to him and Zayn, Zoe, and I sat in the middle . Niall decided to sit in the back, probably just to eat all the snacks . We drove until he got to the beach , once we got there we rushed to find a spot . We set up out stuff and laid down.

"I have to go to the bathroom." Zoey said , while getting up . We nodded as she walked away.

Mystery POV

I watched as Zoey walked to the bathroom . I took the letter out from my pocket sat up and walked to the water ti join the lads.

Zoey's POV

Well, that bathroom was nasty! There was toilet tisses everywhere and sand on the floor . Like ewww!!. I walked back towards our spot and sat down. All the boys were in the water . Including Zayn. I smiled to myself i picked up my phone . I looked down and saw a piece of paper . Oh no, another letter ? I opened it and i read in my head.

Dear Zoey,

Hello Love . Right now , we should be at the beach . I hope your day goes by swell . I love you so much and i think i would be a perfect boyfriend . I want to let yo know that you will never know who this is , until i reveal myself. i love you Zoe

<3 Your Secret Band mate Lover <3


Hey Guys!!!!

Sorry that am taking so long to update , my teacher are putting projects and homework like theres no tomorrow!!

Thank you soo much for all the favorites and views almost 300!! WOW!!

Who do you think the secret band mate lover is ......??





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