More Then Friends

Zoey and Niall have been friends since they can remember , Zoey has always been there for Niall , Niall has always been there Zoey . When Niall comes back from tour with boys , they all invite Zoey to spend the summer with them , in the summer she discovers a crush on one of the boys. read and find out ~crazyforharry


8. Letter Six

Zoey's POV

I read the letter and put it back with the rest . I laid in bed , thinking of what just happened . I just found out that i have a crush on Liam and Louis yet i'm dating Zayn . I messed everything up. I got up and heard a knock on my door

"Hold on " i mumbled . I walked to the bathroom and washed my face . Then i walked to my door and unlocked it and Niall was standing there

"The lads said you walked aways pretty quick. Anything you wanna tell me ?" He asked . I looked at him , then pulled him into a big hug . " I can't do this anymore!"

Niall looked at me . "You can't do what?"

I decided i could'nt tell him about the letters , the crushes or anything

"Umm, nothing . I was actually practicing for a play. I want to be in the drama club someday". I said

He could tell i was lying

"Umm , okay" he said . I let out a sigh and sat on my bed . I looked at Niall


"The truth is ....."

Zayn's POV

I walked out of my bedroom , and walked to the living room.

"Where's Zoey'?" i asked, while taking a seat on the couch. Liam looked at me . "She's with Niall."

My stomach cringe. Niall? Why? She could come to me for any of her problems . I shrugged my shoulds trying not to show off that i was mad. I stood up and walked towards Zoey's room.

I opened the door and saw Zoey in Nial's arms , crying . Niall would kiss her forehead every few minutes

"What the fuck is this?" I blurted out without thinking

I quickly covered my mouth , as Zoey looked up , Niall had a mad expression on his face

"Your girlfriend was crying and i was helping her." he said. He raised a fist then quickly put it back down

I looked at Zoey . "Babe , i could have helped you ."

Zoey shook her head . "No , you couldn't

i looked at her . "What are you talking about?

She started crying again and Niall sat beside her once more

"I'm crying , because i can't be with you." Zoey wispered


"It won't work out . Nothing will. Can't you see , that us two were never meant for each other . My heart belongs to someone else . " she said . She looked into my eyes and let a tear drop . "I knew you didnt love me anyway

"What ? i do love ypu

"No. No you don't

Mystery POV

I heard it . Everything. She broke up with him. I took my laptop once more and wrote a long note . I printed it and quickly walked to Zoey's room . Zayn and Niall were gone. i left the note on the floor , and walked to the living

Zoey's POV

I buried my head in the pillows . I thought i loved Zayn. I guess not, and the way he reacted , i guess he didnt love me either . I heard a sound coming from the door and saw another note . I got out of bed and read the note .

Dear Zoey,

Don't cry . You are beautiful when you dont cry . Since you don't know who this is , I have something to tell you, in a song

Oh i've got my car and my guitar

a couple pills , a couple scars

but i made a wish on a lonesome star

Star oh star you shine so bright

Won't you grant me one small wish tonight

That i wont die on this destructive path of mine

i've been to heaven , i've been to hell, I've been to Vegas

and god knows where

But nothing feels like home like you babe

I love you more then you will ever know that

you will know

Dear i love you more then then you will ever know.


I love you Zoe. Nver forget that .




                    Love always ........ Liam.




But will Zoey end up with Liam her mystery letter dude or will she go with Louis her little Crush :)


Sorry bout the long update!!!

Merry Late Christmas !!!

and just in case i don't update tomorrow !



                          - Nicole TomlinsonPayne :)

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