More Then Friends

Zoey and Niall have been friends since they can remember , Zoey has always been there for Niall , Niall has always been there Zoey . When Niall comes back from tour with boys , they all invite Zoey to spend the summer with them , in the summer she discovers a crush on one of the boys. read and find out ~crazyforharry


3. Letter One

Zayn's P.O.V

I looked in her eyes. "Yes Zayn?" she asked. I quickly looked away. "Umm , i forgot. Umm, I'll tell you later if i remeber." i said , scratching the back of the neck. Zoey nodded her head "Yeah ok."she walked off to Niall's car and left me standing there . I totally fucked this up

Zoey's P.O.V

Wow. I must have made him feel uncomfortable or something . I wonder what he wanyed to tell me. I hopped in Niall's car ."Ready to go Zoe?" he asked. He turn on the AC and cranked up then music . I laughed . "Niall, why are listening to One Direction?"

"Because , i sing so damn sexy . Here listen". he said as his part of One Thing came on . I smiled as he started to sing. "Niall!! Come on! Go!" i yelled over the music. Niall looked at me and turned the music off. "Buzz Kill."

"Niall!!" i screamed , pretening to be hurt. Niall just looked at me. "Nope , not this time Zoe." he said as he drove out of his parking spot. I gave him my best puppy dogs eyes , but he just kept driving. "You keep trying Zoe. I'll tell you when i'll crack" Niall said laughing . He followed the boys to a hotel

"Uhh!" I sighed . "We're hanging out at your hotel?" I wined

Niall nodded."Yes little Zoe." he said trying to sound like baby

"Stop!! I 'm almost kinda , sorta taller then you!" I protested . Niall looked at me. "No, no." Niall said as he parked his car.

I got out of the car, and walked along the boys.

"Howdy boys!" i laughed. Louis picked me over his shoulder and Harry messed my hair. "Harry!" i yelled trying not to fall off and trying to fix my hair

"What?" he shouted , smiling

i gave him a look , then struggled to get out of Louis's arms. Louis took me all the way upstairs , stopping at their penthouse door.

He put me down and looked down at me "You're Heavy ."

I smacked him on the arm ."Louis!!" i screamed. he smiled, and opened the door . My eyes got wide. "This is where you guys will be staying all summer?" i asked. I turned around and saw all the boys

Liam shook his head "No"

"Oh". i sighed

"The is where we ALL will be staying !! Harry yelled. He picked me up and spun me around. My eyes got huge and i started screaming . I wrapped my arms around Harry's neck , and hugged him tight as he put me on my feet again

"We even have a room for you" Liam said. I started jumping up and down. "What about clothes?" i asked, my stomach feeling a bit different than a few seconds ago

Niall smiled. "We went on a shopping spree for you ." he said i jumped up and down

"Woah!!!" Zayn said . He gave me a tight hug "Lets go see your room."

Mystery P.O.V

I watched as Zayn took Zoey to her new room. I walked slowly to mine, as i heard Zoey scream of happiness . i could hear the other boys were with her . i slowly walked to my computer and typed something   \ really fast . I pressed print and waited for the paper to come out. Once it was out , i       peeked  my head around the hallway , waiting to see if anyone was there, Nobody was. Great. I walked slowly to Zoey's room and slid the paper in . I walked back to my room , locked the door and fell asleep       to the  thought of Zoey

Zoey's P.O.V

I looked around my new room. Well, for the the summer anyways . I looked , and saw new clothes in the closet . i looked , and saw new clothes in the closet , new bathing suits . Bikini of course .  Uhh those boys. Not to mention the lace panties and bras. I stepped into my full bathroom and took a quick shower . When i got out , i put on my Jack Wills gray sweatpants and baby pink shirt. I sat on bed for a momet . I started to fall asleep , when I heard a rustlign sound . I looked over to my door and saw a piece of paper on the floor . I went over to the to it and read it aloud.

Dear , Zoey

You will never know who this is, but i will keep sending you these notes . This is note number 1. I want to say that i love you so much. I wish I was lucky enough to be your best friend best friend , or your crush. I love you and keep reading these notes . Never throw them away for you will need them . :) I love you Zoe. 


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