More Then Friends

Zoey and Niall have been friends since they can remember , Zoey has always been there for Niall , Niall has always been there Zoey . When Niall comes back from tour with boys , they all invite Zoey to spend the summer with them , in the summer she discovers a crush on one of the boys. read and find out ~crazyforharry


10. I'm Ready


          Zoey's Pov 

  I smiled , and i looked over to Liam . He had his eyes closed , and was inhailing deeply. I giggled to myself and peck his lips . Liam's eyes fluttered open 

"That's all i get ?"

I nodded ny head . "Umm, yeah"

Liam looked at me . "I don't think so"

He leaned over and kissed me lighty. I smiled thorugh the kiss , as Liam held my waist. I had my fingers threw his hair, and kissed back. Zayn never treated me this way. He never kissed me because he wanted too. I just don't get it 

Liam let go and looked in my eyes.

"There, thats how you do it."

I smiled and sat up . Liam sat next to me. "Liam." i began. "Are we even together?"

Liam looked at me. "Do you want to be?"

I nodded slightly , then spoke up. "I do, just not right now . Give me a or so to get back on my feet."

"You dated Zayn for a few days."

"I know but,"

"But what? You still love him?"

"No, its just that..."

Niall spoke up before i could finsh.

We're going to the cinema. Do you guys want to come?

"Yeah." i said without even acknowledging Liam . I got up and followed Niall outside. I turned around , and saw Liam on the bed. I walked back in and sat next to him.

"Li, are you going?"

"Yeah, its just, well ,yeah. Let's go."

We got up and walked outside. Everybody was there execpt Zayn. I sighed and sat next to Niall. I held onto him and put my head on his chest.

Niall looked at me . "What's wrong Zoe?"

"Nothing." I lied

Niall shrugged his shoulders, and we left the hotel. When we arrived at the cinema, we bought a load of food.

"Niall, we aren't going to finsh all this food." Louis sighed. Niall stared at Louis. 

"I know , but i will."

We all laughed and watched the movie.


....................................................AFTER THE MOVIE........................................................................................................

Once we got back to the hotel, I walked back to my room. I took a quick shower, and changed into a pair of pajama shorts , a tank top and put my hair into a ponytail. I slumped into my bed , and tried to fall asleep . No use. I looked up to the ceiling and though to myself. I decided to just give up , and got to Liam's room. I got out of bed, and walked quietly to his room. I opened the door and saw that he was already asleep. I smiled to myself and laid in bed with him . I leaned and kissed him. 

Liam's eyes opened slightly, as he started to kiss back. He held on to my waist , and smiled through the kiss. I pulled away and looked into his eyes . I nodded my head.


  " I'm ready."



Hey guys sorry for the long update but you know how school is and i was getting kinda blocked but not anymore :D

So Zoey is finally ready to date Liam ! But Where's Zayn? How will he react?!? Most importantly how will the Boys react? And what will Niall think of his best friend dating his bandmate :o But how will Louis feel now about his crush??.....

I'll try to update faster :)


                                                     - Nicole TomlinsonPayne

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