Alexandra used to be a normal girl, until one night she gets kidnapped, she knows her captors are planning something, and it can't be good. She has to get out before its too late... But how?


1. Chapter One

I was walking out late one night, I hadn't meant to be late, I had been at a party and a guy had tried to chat me up. I stayed longer to see if he would ask me out but he ended up groping me, everyone had had too much to drink. I would've been on a bus if the last one hadn't been and gone by 7pm and it was way past 11. 
Still, I wasn't expecting anything to happen.

The dark was playing tricks and what few street lamps there were, were too far spaced apart. My mind started flashing back to all of those horror novels I had read when I spotted a figure. It quickly darted away, I found myself shaking and I broke into a sprint. I could hear heavy footfalls behind me as the figure pursued. 

A pair of hard hands grasped around my arms, my cardigan was only thin and I could feel the hot, sweaty palms of the figure. I opened my mouth to scream.

'If you scream you'll regret it!' The figure shouted, I recognised the voice, it was the guy from the party. The evenings events flashed into my mind as I replayed the anger in his eyes as I slapped his wandering hands away. He had followed me.

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