I thought we were more than this

nikki ryan is your typical 19yearold girl she has a basic life except.... she is dating the cutest irish boy in the world AKA niall horan. she wasnt expecting niall to betray her.........


8. why Niall why........................

Nikki's POV

When I saw Niall at the door I ran towards Louie. Everything seemed to be happening in slow motion like a movie. By this point I was running and tripped in front of Louie when I hit the floor. I looked down to see a silver blade in my stomach.....I blacked out


Louie's POV

When I saw Nikki hit the floor...It seemed like a bad dream but in this dream I dont think I could save her,but im still going to try. I took of my shirt and rapped it around her stomach to stop the blood from pouring out. I then picked her up and walked out the door from the corner of my eye I saw Niall with his hands over his head shaking in the corner.....I know he didnt mean to stab her.


Niall's POV

I didnt remeber anything not even driving to the cabin  the only thing I do remeber is watching Nikki hit the floor and blood all around her. I messed up major this time I hurt her, I almost got her killed and now she may be dead...I have to tell her sorry before its too late...

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