I thought we were more than this

nikki ryan is your typical 19yearold girl she has a basic life except.... she is dating the cutest irish boy in the world AKA niall horan. she wasnt expecting niall to betray her.........


4. Louie Take me Home

(2 days later)

Louie POV

As I watched Nikki sleep I wondered if she liked me or if we had a future together. When she kissed me yesterday it felt so right like we were made for each other. I wanted her to be mine soo bad but it wasnt up to me it was up to her heart. The docter walked in and handed me release forms he said " I take it your her boyfriend well if so take her home tommorow and keep a good eye on her." When I heard him say boyfriend I thought to myself I wish, I hope. When the docter walked out  Haley and Harry walked in. Haley brought clothes for Nikki and Harry brought clothes for me. Haley asked how she was doing I told her she is being released tommorow. She was happy I asked haley to keep in eye on her for a second she said "ok" me and harry stepped out of the room and talked. I asked him about Niall he said " Im sorry mate but he is raging mad at you he doesnt even want to come near you." I didnt want to take Nikki back to Nialls so Harry suddgested going to our cabin in the alps. I agreed since no paprazzi or news reporters will follow us there.  As Haley and Harry left I asked them to pack a bag for Nikki and me they said "ok will pick you up tommorwow" then the left.

Nikki's POV

When I woke up I felt so much better Louie gave me a bag of clothes haley dropped off so I could change. I asked Louie why he stayed with me this whole time he said "Nikki ive always really liked you I couldnt just leave you by yourself after what happend between you and Nial." I had forgoten about that. I never wanted to see him again! I started crying Louie held me tight and if felt safe in his arms I told Louie I liked him to. As Louie held my hand I felt lovede and cared for. We walked out of the hospital Harry and Haley picked us up. I didnt know we where going to the Alps but im glad we where.



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