I thought we were more than this

nikki ryan is your typical 19yearold girl she has a basic life except.... she is dating the cutest irish boy in the world AKA niall horan. she wasnt expecting niall to betray her.........


15. Home?

Nikkis POV 

When we were driving home I kept thinking where is home? My train of thought was broken by lilys small cry but it immediatly stopped Louis was right there to make her feel better. He loved her so much but I wasnt for sure if she was even his. I was with niall right before everything happened and then I was louis to. she looked so much like Louis by her blue eyes and her brown hair but Niall had brown hair to. I hoped she was Louis in my heart somewhere in my Heart I still loved Niall but it was just to hard it just cant be fixed and I Love Louis now. Were home Louis said he grabbed some of the stuff that was left at the hospital and I grabbed LIly. I only remebered going to Louis house once with Niall for a party I didnt relize how big it was till I finnaly got a good look at it. Louis set the bags down by the door and took Lily from me he then said close your eyes. He led me down hallways and then finnaly said open your eyes. It was a was a whole room decorated for lily it was perfect. The room was light purple and the furniture was white. Louis cradeled lily and then set her in her crib and softly sang to her. after a few minutes she feel asleep. I hugged Louis so tightly I never wanted to let go.  He asked me if I wanted to get changed and stuff since Ive been at the hospital for so long. He kept an eye on Lily while I took a shower and got clothes. Right before  I was about to take a shower I realized my stuff was at Nialls house. I told Louis I was going to pick up my stuff he was really worried so I told him I will calll him as soon as I get there and when I was done. When I was walking to the car Louis yelled stay safe.  I knew how to get in the house since I used to live there I was hoping Niall wasnt there I just couldnt talk to him right now. When I got there I noticed Niall wasnt there so I went in and gathered all my stuff and left him a note saying I took my stuff. As I was putting stuff in my car Niall ran up and said HI like nothing was wrong. I ignored him and got in the car my window was down so he said immediatly just as I was about to pull away "is lily mine" My car came to a complete stop and looked up and said I dont NO!  he then said can we take a test? I said why does it matter? he looked up and said Nikki I know I screwed up but I dont want to as a dad. I looked down then back up and said "naill ill take a test but if your not the dad can we all be friends again I dont want to ruin you and Louis friendship." he looked back and said ok as I pulled away. I called Louis and told him everything went fine he sounded realived then I heard lily crying in the backround Louis said its ok lily mommy will be home soon. A tear fell from my eye as he said that I just hope to god Louis is the father.


Louis POV

when we where driving home all I could think about was are future family I was so happy  that lily was here and that nikki was ok.


Nialls POV

After Nikki had left all I could think of is what if she is mine? will nikki come home? what if shes not? does Nikki still loove me? so many questions dancing through my mind i just wanted things to go back to the way they used to be.




heyy guys i no i no alot of spelling and puncuating mistakes but you can still understand it anyways can you please telll me if my fanfic is good because if its not ill just stop writing so please comment and tell me :) thxx and also if you do like this story just wait there are so manny more plot twists it so suprising! hope you enjoyed reading ill update ASAP! -Julie

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