I thought we were more than this

nikki ryan is your typical 19yearold girl she has a basic life except.... she is dating the cutest irish boy in the world AKA niall horan. she wasnt expecting niall to betray her.........


3. Hell in the hospital

Louie's POV

When I leaped off that bridge  I was already cold not because of the wind from falling it was the Chill in my heart of losing her. I was also wet not because of hitting the water but the tears running down my eyes from the thought of living without her. As soon as I hit the water a shot of adrenlen hit me I swam down to where the car was sinking. I tried to open the door  it didnt work I then used my foot to bust the window.I pulled her out and swam to shore. I rested her icy pale body on the rocks I started CPR as soon as she started breathing I lifted her up and ran up the hill.  I placed her in the ambulence and we raced to the hospitial

Niall's POV

I saw Louie carrying her motionless body up the hill, If it wasnt for me this wouldnt of happened.


Nikkis POV

I awoke to the noise of moniters and docters talking. Before I opened my eyes I wondered how I got out of the car or who got me out..... I opened my eyes and  saw tons of flowers around me when I looked over I saw Louie just siting there watching me I felt safe again...

Louie's POV

I had been waiting for hours for her to wake up I was still in my same wet clothes I wasnt going to leave her side. When she turned over and looked at me i was so relived I said "hey sleepy head" she asked me what happened I told her everything. She got up and kissed me Niall ran in and had tears in his eyes. Just before he was about to punch me he screamed " GET YOUR LIPS OFF MY GIRL" Nikki quickly stepped in and said "im not your girl". Niall had froze in shock then he ran down the hall wall screaming. Haley walked in (harrys girlfriend) and gave Nikki a batch of flowers she said   " harry went to check on Niall he will be back soon."

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