I thought we were more than this

nikki ryan is your typical 19yearold girl she has a basic life except.... she is dating the cutest irish boy in the world AKA niall horan. she wasnt expecting niall to betray her.........


11. good news bad news

Nikki's POV

When the docter had walked out all I could think is was it a boy or girl? How old was he or she...but the biggest thing I was thinking about was who was its.................when I was think about this I kept rubbing my belly just thinking I could feel the big row of stiches. I not only lost blood but a baby.........



Louis POV

When the docter had came out of her room I quickly ran up and asked him tons of questions he told me she was ok but the baby didnt make it..I didnt even no there was a baby was he or she mine? I didnt know. The docter said I could go in..... I walked in and and tears were falling from her eyes..they were droping from my eyes to. I pulled a chair up next to her and held her hand tight we sat there without saying a word.



Niall's POV

I watched as Louis talked to the doctor just thinking what they were saying I couldnt read lips very well but I understood one word ........my heart droped when the docter said baby. I sat there and thought the same thing Louis probibly did was it a boy or girl or was it mine.............. I walked into the room and immedeiatly said "im so sorry"....................



Louis POV

our silence was broken by 3 words "im so sorry" I could tell Niall knew about the baby... I looked into his eyes and I could feel how he hurt.. I said to him "we all are mate" Nikki was still crying niall got down to her level and told her how sorry he was and how he messed up...the last thing he said was "your in good hands with Louie." She tried to get up and hug him but her stomach  hurt so bad... Niall told her to just lay down and relax. As we sat there in silence again the docter walked in Nikki slowly asked with tears in her eyes "was the baby a boy or a girl?" The docter said...............





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