Five crazy boys

A sudden flood means Madeline has to move in with her cousin Harry, she's only ever seen him once in her life when she was very little. But she has no idea what is waiting for her when she arrives


10. Chapter Ten


We ended up all sitting down on the couches in the living room talking.

‘So where are you from, Maddy?’ Liam asked, I had told them they were allowed to call me by my nickname, Maddy.

‘California’ Harry and I both said simultaneously before both bursting into laughter.

                                                                                *     *     *

I had spent the entire day with the boys and really gotten to know them more. I fell back onto the bed, tired for some reason.

Staring at the ceiling I suddenly felt really homesick, I thought about my family back home, I wondered how they were. I got my mobile and called my mother. I knew that the call would probably cost a fortune but I didn’t care, I just wanted to talk to her.

She picked up after two rings.

‘Hey honey’ she said, you could tell she must be smiling from the sound of her voice.

‘Hey mom’ I said, now smiling myself.

‘How are you? Are you getting along with Harry?’ she gushed, I bit back a laugh.

‘It’s all great, Harry is really nice, and so are his friends.’ I could just imagine her getting all excited about this.

‘It’s great you’re making friends! Well I’ve got to go, but I’ll call you tomorrow!’ we said our goodbyes, then hung up.

I smiled to myself as I got ready for bed, knowing everything was going well.



(You lucky ducks! So many chapters in one day! That’s what happens when I’m left with no internet and stories that need writing! Hope you enjoyed these!)

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