Five crazy boys

A sudden flood means Madeline has to move in with her cousin Harry, she's only ever seen him once in her life when she was very little. But she has no idea what is waiting for her when she arrives


9. Chapter Nine


’So the boys are coming over again today, they want to properly meet you.’ My smile grew, how did I know they’d be coming over?

I finished off my cornflakes and Harry came over and brought my bowl to the side of the sink, I saw another bowl, probably from him eating his own cereal before I had got up.

‘What time are they coming?’ I asked him, I wanted to have a chance to get a little bit more settled in before they came.

‘Two hours’ He grinned.

‘Okay’ I nodded and then started to walk back upstairs and back into my room.

                                                                                *     *     *

I opened up my laptop and went straight onto YouTube; I really need to listen to some music for some reason.

I typed in ‘little things’ and clicked on the first result, ‘One Direction – Little Things’. My favourite song. I secretly hoped, being Harry’s cousin, I may be able to persuade him to let me come to a concert with them. I’d always wanted to go to a One Direction concert but I had never been allowed to get tickets, my parents said they were ridiculously overpriced, so hopefully now I might be able to see one.

I heard the doorbell ring downstairs, had it really been two hours already? I heard them chatting and laughing downstairs and decided to go and meet them properly.

I walked down the stairs and followed the noise of their voices into the living room.

‘Hey’ I said, as loudly as I could manage. They all turned to my direction and I felt my cheeks burning. They were all looking at me and now my shyer side was winning over my more confident and loud side.

I heard some Hey’s and Hi’s from them. God, did I really have to blush this much?

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