Five crazy boys

A sudden flood means Madeline has to move in with her cousin Harry, she's only ever seen him once in her life when she was very little. But she has no idea what is waiting for her when she arrives


4. Chapter Four


I heard his low chuckle as he walked up to the door and unlocked it.

I was still pretty shocked at the sheer size of it; my house back home wasn't tiny but just average. But this...

He opened the door and went inside then gestured for me to come in. I stepped inside; the interior was modern and sleek. I had read in an article he had spent three million pounds on this. I wondered how much that would be in dollars and then remembered that I'd need to earn money of my own.

My thoughts were interrupted by Harry.

'Do you wanna see your room?' He led me up the staircase and into a room. 

It had a massive bed, with cream covers and the walls were beige. The room felt light and airy.

It was totally perfect for me.

'Wow' was all I could say. He looked at me with a grin.

'Great you like it, the boys are coming over soon to meet you'

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