Five crazy boys

A sudden flood means Madeline has to move in with her cousin Harry, she's only ever seen him once in her life when she was very little. But she has no idea what is waiting for her when she arrives


8. Chapter Eight


‘Morning! Good sleep?’ Harry asked, with a wry smile on his face.

‘Yeah’ I nodded slightly.

‘Jetlagged?’ He still looked at me with the same wry look.

‘Mmmhmm’ I nodded again.

‘Well breakfast soon, I’ll leave you to get ready’ He closed the door behind him and I got out of bed. I walked into the nowhere near full wardrobe and chose what I would wear, some skinny jeans and a comfy top; I didn’t feel like making an effort today. I applied a tiny bit of mascara and concealer then went downstairs.

‘Hey’ Harry smiled at me, this time not one that made me feel like I was being made a joke, as I walked into the kitchen.

‘What is there that I could have for breakfast?’ I asked, I still felt a little uncomfortable around him and in this house; it’d probably take a while for me to get completely settled in. It wasn’t as if I was about to just open the cupboards and take a look.

I took a look at what he was wearing, a Ramones tee shirt that looked really good on him and black jeans. From what I’d read he liked to wear completely nothing a lot but I guessed he’d probably think that was a bit weird for someone who he barely knew, thank god for that.

‘What do you normally have?’ He asked me, looking at me expectantly. Jeez, I’d never been good at answering questions like this.

‘Cereal?’ I said, unsure of my own words. He chuckled.

‘What type of cereal?’ He said, grinning. What was I supposed to say? Any cereal? I considered that but then he might ask me if I liked a cereal I hated. I swear I had never in my life thought so much about cereal.

‘Cornflakes?’ Yet another question that should’ve been an answer.

‘Okay then’ He opened up a cupboard and produced a box of cornflakes, ‘Milk?’ He asked me. What else would you have with cereal? Cheese? I just nodded and he opened the fridge and put a carton of milk on the worktop next to the box of cornflakes.

He then opened another cupboard and got out a bowl for me, and opened a draw to get me a spoon. I started to think about how Liam was scared of spoons. I laughed in my head about how many strange thoughts I’d been having lately.

I then put some cornflakes in the bowl and poured milk over it then brought the bowl, and the spoon, to the kitchen table and pulled out a chair.

Something told me I was going to have a busy day today.

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