Heart Attack

Victoria Bieber a.k.a Vicky B meet Louis Tomlinson when she went with justin bieber, her brother, to the x-factor uk in 2010 the began to date while he was still on the show but when the lads of one direction get a recording contract he breaks up with her. She is heart broking for months and during that time she writes song about her feeling and justin reads them and show his manger. Vicky gets a recording contract and became a big hit over night with her cover single of as long as you love me. She become a big hit and Louis finds out about it he has been regreting the break up these 2 years and wants to go back with her. (Sorry suck at summarizes)


3. the interview

Vicky's P.O.V " come on Tori we're going to be late for our interview."Justin told me from behind my room door. "I'm going J." I told him as i put on my sunglasses and opened my door. "Finally lets go." Justin cried as he ran to the front door. I laugh at his childish ways and followed right behind him. (A/N I'm going to skip the drive there and just start from when they.) When we arrived the dress and makeup crew pulled us to 2 different dressing rooms and went to work. They picked out a plain red shirt with some black Jean shorts and a black and white varsity jacket with the letters VB. My make up was natural. And they flatiron my hair and finally add a snapback that I snuck away from Justin. When I came out the stage manager told me that I will perform in a couple of seconds. I was really nervous while I was calming myself down Justin came out of his dressing room. "You ready Tori ?" He asked me. "Nervous but I'm ready." I told him. "Mrs.Bieber you're needed on set now."said the stage manager. "Good luck step-sis."Justin told me as I left. I waited until I heard them announces-" now performing her brand new single the girl with the #1 hit cover single over night the beautiful Latina Vicky B." 

Louis P.O.V

The lads and I arrived just in time for our interview. When we walked in they immediately dragged us to each of our dressing room. They dressed me in a striped shirt with red jeans. After they dressed and did our makeup they had sent us to the green room and when we arrived we saw non other than Justin Bieber. "Hey mate what are you doing here?" Niall asked. "Oh hey guys.......um I'm here because I also have and interview today and I'm waiting to be called." Justin answered. We all just nodded our heads then it got really quiet except for the TV in the green room. I heard someone performing and the singer sounded so familiar then it hit me when

 I heard her sing-"I knew you were trouble when you walked in so shame on me no-o-w flew me to places I never been." (A/N let's pretend that Vicky B sings this song.)Victoria is here also. I've missed her so much I didn't mean to break up with her after the x-factor I just  thought it was for the best at the moment but boy was I wrong I missed her like bloody hell. We all just sat there watching her interview when they asked something I never thought they would ask.

Vicky's P.O.V

"so Vicky what is this rumor about that you apparently went out with Louis Tomlinson of One Direction while he was still in the x-factor?"asked the host. I was in shock I didn't know how to answer so I said the truth. "Yes it's true but after they got that contract with Simon Cowell he thought it was better if we take a break." "Wow we thought it was nothing serious I mean that's what he said on his first time on the Alan Chatty Man show he said it wasn't." She told me. Right there I didn't know what to say I was shocked. 

(A/N hey guys sorry haven't updated but ill try my best to also this is my first movella so yea comment on how you like it :D) 

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