Heart Attack

Victoria Bieber a.k.a Vicky B meet Louis Tomlinson when she went with justin bieber, her brother, to the x-factor uk in 2010 the began to date while he was still on the show but when the lads of one direction get a recording contract he breaks up with her. She is heart broking for months and during that time she writes song about her feeling and justin reads them and show his manger. Vicky gets a recording contract and became a big hit over night with her cover single of as long as you love me. She become a big hit and Louis finds out about it he has been regreting the break up these 2 years and wants to go back with her. (Sorry suck at summarizes)


6. the interview part 3

(A/n: I'm soo sorry about not updating we got back from the trip and then had a lot of stuff going on I promise I will make it up to you. Also just to let you know Vicky can sing any style of music on to the story :D)

Vicky p.o.v

"So Vicky, Justin stay while we present our next guest." the host told us. "Now here is a group that made it as the #1 boyband ever there as big as the beatles here they are now One Direction." she introduced one direction........ Wait WHAT out all the boy bands out there it has to be them why not the wanted there a very good group. Anyone but them. They came out and just started waving at the crowd, then they went and hugged the host. They came up to us and bro hugged Justin and when they came to me they hugged and gave me a kiss on the cheek. But when it came to Louis we just shook hands and did not make eye contact talk about awkward. "so boys how's the tour?" she asked them. "great, it has been amazing going places, the fans, ever thing." Liam answered. "ok since this is the first time we have one direction, Justin Bieber, and Vicky B. together how about a questioner just send in your questions at our twitter page now." the host said. "wow look how many questions." she exclaimed. "ok first question is from @ilovebeckyb&justinbieber and she wants to know who is your celebrity crush ok lets start it off with the boys of one direction so Zayn start us off." "perrie from little mix since she is my girlfriend." he said. "ok harry." "Nina Dobrev." "ooooo, liam?" "I would say Leona Lewis." "interesting, niall." "Demi Lovato," "ooo miss Lovato ok, Louis." I noticed that Louis just looked at me and was deciding if he should say it in front of me or not. "u-uuumm Natalie Portman.""oooo  ok those are the 1D boys now Justin who is your celebrity crush?" she asked Justin. "Easy Rhianna." Justin answered with ease. "duh, we all know that Justin we just thought you would change it." I said sarcastically. 'haha ok ok , now everybody has been waiting for this one Vicky who is your celebrity crush." I thought for a little bit and started to blush I  was about to start when ..... "I now who is he celebrity crush or crushes  one is a famous latin singer Prince Royce but the main one is one from the Wanted who was it again .... oh Nathan Sykes." ugggh stupid Justin. I glared at him while blushing like mad. I looked over at at Louis and he looked angry but tried to hide it. Well this is going good.

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