Heart Attack

Victoria Bieber a.k.a Vicky B meet Louis Tomlinson when she went with justin bieber, her brother, to the x-factor uk in 2010 the began to date while he was still on the show but when the lads of one direction get a recording contract he breaks up with her. She is heart broking for months and during that time she writes song about her feeling and justin reads them and show his manger. Vicky gets a recording contract and became a big hit over night with her cover single of as long as you love me. She become a big hit and Louis finds out about it he has been regreting the break up these 2 years and wants to go back with her. (Sorry suck at summarizes)


4. The interview part 2

Vicky's P.O.V

He did what he really told everyone that and since they don't even show Alan here I didn't even know I bet Justin is pissed in the green room right know. "I didn't even know I mean they don't show Alan the chatty man here but yeah the truth I didn't even know." I told her now I was really pissed off and it hurt me because I had thought he felt the same why I think I even started crying a little. "Oh don't cry Vicky come here."the host told me and got up and hugged me. "Why don't we change the subject ok."she asked me after the pulled back a little. "Sure yea totally sorry about that." I told her while cleaning up the tears. "It ok now lets talk about Justin so you audition for one of his videos then become his permanent love interest for his videos become best friends you support him and go all around the world with him and later on find out you two were step siblings."the host asked. "Yea at first I would wake up and be like wow it was all a dream I still do but the whole step siblings thing was the surprising part I mean I knew already that we had the same last name but what I didn't know was that Jeremy was his father but hey I barely visited Ro- I mean my mother."I explained. "Interesting least bring him out care to do the Honors?"she asked me. "Sure now presenting the best of the best next to me of course my j to his b mr.believe and the best loving HOT step brother ever Justin Bieber." I said as I introduced him.

Justin's P.O.V

i can't believe the guy I trusted my little sister with did that to her I just wanted to beat him up back then but know I just want to kill him in to a zillion pieces. I saw him get paralyzed when the

host said that. And when he heard Tori's response and start cryin he got a guilty look on his face even his band mates. I kept glaring at him until I heard the stage manger come in. "Mr Bieber your about to be called." She informed me. So I got up and made my way to the coner stage to get on stage.

Louis' P.O.V

 No no no no why why did she just tell Victoria that I didn't really mean to say it I was just sad and I missed her. After I heard what I had said I regretted it and when the interview was over the lads had gotten on me. (Flash back) "what in the bloody hell man why ddid you say that when you miss her like mad?"Harry shouted at me. " I don't know hazza  it just slipped I wasn't thinking."I replied. "Louis your lucky she can't even see this because it doesn't air in the United State but fans put some interviews on YouTube and a friend of hers can show her so don't think because it doesn't air in U.S your off the hook."Liam explained. " I know lads I know come on let's go we have another interview to go to."I reminded them. (present time) I was brought back to because I heard someone open the green room door. "Boys your almost on."the stage manager told us. Couple minutes until I have to face Victoria.  Not the best day

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