Heart Attack

Victoria Bieber a.k.a Vicky B meet Louis Tomlinson when she went with justin bieber, her brother, to the x-factor uk in 2010 the began to date while he was still on the show but when the lads of one direction get a recording contract he breaks up with her. She is heart broking for months and during that time she writes song about her feeling and justin reads them and show his manger. Vicky gets a recording contract and became a big hit over night with her cover single of as long as you love me. She become a big hit and Louis finds out about it he has been regreting the break up these 2 years and wants to go back with her. (Sorry suck at summarizes)


2. Introduction

Hi I'm Victoria Luna Bieber Martinez Juarez. I know long name huh? That's because my parents got a divorce when I was 2. Couple months later my mom got remarried to this guy named Jeremy Bieber so she got got my last name changed to Bieber even thought I barely see her. And my dad got remarried a year later to my step mom Lúpita I love her she has been a better mother than my mom and is a great chef I don't think someone can cook better than her. I live with my dad and step mom in inglewood, California. My parents found out about the auditions for Justin Bieber's one less lonely girl music video took me to there. And I made it but I entered as Victoria Martinez. Later on Justin and I got close and we became best friends. I stared in most of his music videos as the girl he has a crush on or dates. In 2010 I went with Justin to the UK to support him when he performed on the X-factor Uk. There I meet my first love Louis Tomlinson, since we were just staying for a week I ask my daddy if I can stay with Louis till the X-factor finally and he approved. So Justin asked his manager if they can book me a room for that long and they said yes. During my stay I got to know  Louis and the boys of One Direction. Later Louis and I started dating and became boyfriend and girlfriend. Before the finally started Louis promised me no matter what we will be together for ever but when they came in 3rd place and still got a recored deal he dumped me. When I got home My mom and step dad we at my place and so was Justin then we found out we were step siblings. Two years past and I still helped Justin with all his videos but sang with him on one because what I didn't know was that Justin showed his manager my songs that I wrote after my break up with Louis. So know I recorded a cover single for Justin's As Long As You Love Me and it became a #1 hit over night. Even bigger than One Direction ok maybe the same but watch out Louis Tomlinson and One Direction because u don't know what will hit you.  


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