Heart Attack

Victoria Bieber a.k.a Vicky B meet Louis Tomlinson when she went with justin bieber, her brother, to the x-factor uk in 2010 the began to date while he was still on the show but when the lads of one direction get a recording contract he breaks up with her. She is heart broking for months and during that time she writes song about her feeling and justin reads them and show his manger. Vicky gets a recording contract and became a big hit over night with her cover single of as long as you love me. She become a big hit and Louis finds out about it he has been regreting the break up these 2 years and wants to go back with her. (Sorry suck at summarizes)


1. Bio

Victoria Luna Bieber Martinez Juarez a.k.a Vicky B.

born: April 1,1994

lives: inglewood, California 

Original parents: Romero Martinez and Rosa Bieber Juarez  (divorced)

step parents: Lúpita Martinez (married to Romero) and Jeremy Bieber ( married to Rosa)

a/n: I know who Jeremy is really married to so don't comment about it it's just for this story also I know I got Vicky B from Becky G that because her and my character have almost the same lives.

siblings: Justin Bieber (Step brother) 

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