Save Me Niall

18 year old Jade life was painful.She had enough.No one listened to her voice. Why you ask her life is painful.You will find out.As she was running away from her home. She met a cute blonde haired boy.He was in the best boy band in the world. Will he help Jade?


6. She Came

I heard the door open.Then someone took a hold of me.It was my mum!I screamed.Niall woke up."Leave her alone!"Niall yelled.I guess Harry came over for the night because he came running in the room.I kicked my mum. She wouldn't let go.My mum punched me in my stomach.I screamed even louder.Niall freaked out.He punched my mum's arm.She dropped me.Niall picked me up."It's ok.You are going to be ok."Niall said.I hid my face in his shirt.Harry had got a hold of my mum.Niall called the police and told them everything.He ran back to me.He sat me in his lap.I was bawling.Niall held me close.The police soon walked in.One of them was asking me questions."Is your dad alive or dead?"the guy asked."Dead.He died of cancer."I replied.I didn't want to talk about my dad.It was too hard."We will make sure you are safe madam." The officers left."Are you sure your ok?" Niall asked."Yea.My stomach hurts though."I replied.There was a bruise there.Harry went down to the living room."Don't mind him.Harry lives with me."Niall said."He was at Lou's house." Niall layed me back in the bed. "Niall will you lay here with me?"I asked."Sure."Niall replied.He layed down in the bed.He put his arm around me.I snuggled up close to him.I soon fell back asleep.I was still scared.My worst nightmare had came true.Oh well. I should known.I could feel Niall play with my hair.He stopped.I assumed he went to sleep.I loved Niall.I still didn't want to tell him.He has been really nice to me.But I think that is just Niall.Super sweet.But I thought wrong.Niall kissed my forehead and whispered in my ear,"I love you." I opened my eyes."I love you too."I said."Jade will you be my girlfriend?" "Yes Niall." He hugged me."I won't let anyone hurt you anymore."Niall said."Thank you Niall." I fell asleep in Niall's arms.

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