Save Me Niall

18 year old Jade life was painful.She had enough.No one listened to her voice. Why you ask her life is painful.You will find out.As she was running away from her home. She met a cute blonde haired boy.He was in the best boy band in the world. Will he help Jade?


3. Running Away

I made about 8 blocks past my house.I went up a little further into London. I knew their was a bridge somewhere near here.I finally got to the bridge. I layed down to go to sleep.I had took one of my yoga mats to sleep on. I covered myself up so I wouldn't freeze to death.I listened to the wind.It was calm and steady.I finally fell asleep.What if my mum found me?I had all those thoughts going threw my mind.It gave me a terrible headache.All I wanted more was my dad to still be alive and come rescue me.I knew that wasn't going to happen though.I slept threw the night.I woke up at 7.I ate what I packed in my bag.I heard footsteps coming toward me.I hid under my blanket.The person was right next to me."Are you alright?"a cute Irish voice asked.The voice sounded like i have heard it before.I looked up from my blanket.I was right.It was Niall Horan.I shook my head."What happened?"Niall asked."My mum abused me.So I ran away from home."I replied.I showed Niall my bruises."You never told anyone?"Niall asked."No one liked me."I said."I like you."Niall said."Thank you." I had tears in my eyes."You can live with me.I will protect you from your mum."Niall said. "Ok.Thank you." "Your welcome." I grabbed my bag.Niall took my hand. I left the bridge.

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