Save Me Niall

18 year old Jade life was painful.She had enough.No one listened to her voice. Why you ask her life is painful.You will find out.As she was running away from her home. She met a cute blonde haired boy.He was in the best boy band in the world. Will he help Jade?


2. My Plan

I just wanted all my problems to go away.I am going to run away.I am staying in London,but not at my house anymore.I can't take it.What good will it do me anyways?I had a map of the area.I planned to leave tomorrow night.Hopefully,my mum won't hurt me anymore tonight or tomorrow.But she probably will.I cried myself to sleep.But I was waken up.My mum was hitting me.I clinched my covers of my bed.That didn't take the pain away though."Please stop."I said."Why should I?"my mum yelled.She hit me for about 5 minutes.She then left the room.I fell back asleep.I couldn't stop thinking about tomorrow.I am ready to get out of this horror house.I can't do the abuse anymore.I woke up around 8 in the morning.My mum had left for work.I packed all the things I needed to run away.I hid the bag in my closet.I hope my mum won't see it.But I was only hoping.I layed on the couch.The time went by quick.My mum got home around 7:45 pm.She went to bed early.I grabbed my bag.I ran outside.I was now free.

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