Save Me Niall

18 year old Jade life was painful.She had enough.No one listened to her voice. Why you ask her life is painful.You will find out.As she was running away from her home. She met a cute blonde haired boy.He was in the best boy band in the world. Will he help Jade?


4. At Niall's House

We walked back to his house.His pad wasn't too far away.I walked into his home.It was pretty big.I sat on the couch in the living room.Niall ran up to his room to get his guitar.Soon he came down and sat next to me.I watched him play his guitar.He was really good.Niall looked me and smiled. "Do you want to learn how to play guitar?"Niall asked."Sure."I replied. "Come sit on my lap." I sat on Niall's lap.He put his arms around me.He took my hands and had me stroke the guitar.Niall then let go of me.I played the guitar."See only one lesson and you are already awesome."Niall said. I blushed.I never really thought I could play a guitar.My favorite part though was Niall arms wrapped around me.I sat next to Niall."So why did you never tell anyone about the abuse?"Niall asked."Because I thought no one would help me."I replied.I looked down at the floor.I started to cry."Please don't cry." Niall hugged me.I cried into his chest.I wanted to Niall I loved him but I didn't.I fought myself.Niall sang his solo in Moments to me.He sang so beautifully."How about you go take a shower to get your mind off of it."Niall said."Ok."I said."The bathroom is upstairs on the right side of the hallway." "Thanks." I walked upstairs to the bathroom.I guess the shower did help me some.It was 8 so I decided to put my pajamas on.I brushed my hair out.I walked back down to the living room.Niall was sitting on the couch still playing his guitar."You are really good at guitar"I said."Thank you."Niall said. "Your welcome." "You know,you are really pretty." "Thanks Niall.You are really handsome." Niall face was cherry red.I wonder why he was so embarrassed.

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