Save Me Niall

18 year old Jade life was painful.She had enough.No one listened to her voice. Why you ask her life is painful.You will find out.As she was running away from her home. She met a cute blonde haired boy.He was in the best boy band in the world. Will he help Jade?


1. About Me

My name is Jade Johnson.I am 18.I hate my life.Nothing good ever came to me.I had no friends.My mum abused me.My daddy died of cancer.I loved him.He protected me from my mum.I only went to school up to 9th grade.I quit school because the teachers hated me.For God's sake.I am only human people.I tried to stay happy for a long time.But I can't.I was bullied at school.The only thing that made me happy was One Direction.I lived in London.Pretty close to the boys.I was told to ignore all the haters.They keep finding me.It seems like every where I go, mean people find me.All I could do was pray that everyone would leave me alone. I say that if you hate me,just ignore me.I would rather be ignored than hated on. My dad said not to care what other people said about me.I was special.Now he is dead.Not able to protect me from this pain.I cry in the night.I just want it to end. But what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.I guess is what I could say.But that really isn't the point.No one should be afraid to come home or walk outside. That just is not right.Well now you know the basics of me.

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