Don't scream or he will awaken!

I had that same nightmare...Again...


2. Chapter two

After I killed her, I walked back to the store. I left the knife there and threw the body in a trash can. When I got back, I heard something fall onto the floor. I walked around threw the isles until i found a can on the floor.

"Who's there?" I said. I heard something else fall to the floor. I walked around again until I found another can on the floor. Then, all of a sudden, all the goods fell to the floor.  All the goods started rolling towards the middle of the store. In the middle of the mess, was a little girl rocking back and forth, back and forth. She was murmuring something I couldn't hear."What are you doing? Where's your mom?" I asked.

Her head then turned towards me. She looked at me with the creepiest eyes I have ever seen. She looked straight at me and said, " My sister was suppose to bring me home. But then the men came and beat her up. Then you came and had them running away. I thought you were going to save her, but all you did was kill her... You killed her!" She said. The girl i killed was her older sister. She must have been hiding behind something when I killed her. The girl looked at me and screamed. Something inside me switched. I picked up a can and came toward her. I was about to smash her head with the can, but the ground shook. The ground split in two and snakes, spider, and scorpion's where coming out of the crack in the earth.

I jumped the crack and landed on the other side. Before the little girl got another chance to scream, I waked her over the head with the can, I took the can and smashed her noise into her face, then I took the meat slicer and chopped her head off.

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