Don't scream or he will awaken!

I had that same nightmare...Again...


1. chapter one

Don't scream or he will awaken! The he is me, I am someone you would not like. I kill for a living and live alone in a place where no one expect me to live. In a grocery store. If i hear someone scream. I will kill that person. I do it because I hat the sound of someone screaming. So if you scream I will kill you...


I woke up to the sound of someone screaming. I got up and grabbed my name and walked out the door. I walked to where the scream was coming from and saw that it was a girl. The girl was screaming because there were some guys punching her and kicking her. The truth is, I didn't care about them. I just had to kill her. When the guys saw me they started backing up. I assumed they knew the story about me.

When I was a kid, my mother was a abusive mother. And so wasn't my father. Every night they hit me and locked me in my room. If I screamed they would hit me harder. When one I couldn't stop screaming, they hit me so much I died. But I came back to life. When they saw me come back to life, they screamed. I grabbed a gun and killed them. Ever sense then, I killed any one who screamed.

The guys ran away and left me with the girl. I came up to the girl and saw her bruised face and body. She was about to say thank you, but I took the knife and sliced her throat.

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