Don't scream or he will awaken!

I had that same nightmare...Again...


3. Chapter 3

I started to walk away, I turned back to see if the crack in the earth was still there. It wasn't, and the little girls body wasn't there either. I looked around, but the body was no where. But when I turned around, the little girl was right there and had a knife in her hand.

"How did you...?"

"Stay alive? Magic..."She said, and stabbed the knife in my heart. She took the knife out, then took her hand, and ripped out my heart. Literally. She took my heart and said some words in a different kind of language. "Oma...Kosa...diman deca lincasa.... ondego... KEMADETA!" When she screamed the last part, she stuffed it in my mouth and made me swallow it. Then she chopped my head of.

That is how I died. Not a very happy long story. But trust me, It's a good thing that i died when I did. But don't ever scream near this store ever! Because if you do...I will kill you...


The End...

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