One More Night..... To Live While We're Young!

Sequel to "I Am An Artist! I Am Here To Live Out Loud!"
Tella recovers from her illness..... but how for how long? Will she get through it? If she does.... Will there be more tragedies? And will discoveries she makes affect her brother Niall, the boy she may get back together with (Harry) dispite what she still thinks he did, her best friends Sarah and Shannon, the other boys of One Direction? And......... If she does die..... will Harry be able to move on? Will Niall be able to forgive himself? Read to find out!
Authors Note: May need to read the first one to understand.


15. Romance

Harry's POV:

We arrived at the hotel. Wow.... this place is so beautiful! Wel, not as beautiful as Tella... but you all know what I mean! We walked in and I was surprised some of the people knew me too. We signed autographs and took pictures. Some people were staring at us though, like 'hm? wonder who that is?' or they whisper stuff I don't understand. As we walk into the lobby a girl behind the reception desk squeals.

"EEEEE!!!! TELLA!!!!"

I look over to Tella and see her laughing and run and hug her, "Hey Valerie!"

"So... how's your brother?"

"He's good. Shannon and him called actually."

I chuckled knowing what she'll say.


We were well, kinda making out in the little limo/car. Suddenly Tella's phone rang.

"Hello? ........ Hi Ni! Can I put you on speaker?"

She then puts her phone out, "Hey Harry!"

"Nialler! What's up?"

"Well we kinda have some news..." Shannon says.

"What news?"

"I'm pregnant!!!"

"Really?!!" Tella says in astonishment.


"Since when?" I ask smirking.


"Niall? Shannon?"

"Lets just say we were in the loo at your reception...."

"EW!!! You guys!?"

"Heheh sorry...." They both say.

We laugh then say our goodbyes.

FB Over:

"Aww!! They're gonna be having a baby! that's sooo cute."


"Well I'll show you to your room."

We walked to the elevator. I realized I forgot our bags and went to get them. A man picked them up and smiled, "It's okay I can get them."

"No, No. Guests need to relax and have fun."

"Oh... well thank you."

"My pleasure."

I followed him to Val and Tella. We went up to the 16th floor. There were windows.... and might I say.... WOW! The view was amazing. Valerie and the man open the door then leave us be.

"You wanna go now?"

I didn't want to... I actually wanted to finish what we were doing in the car, "Um... sure!"

"Okay let me just get my bag."

I watch her walk over. She slowly bends over to pick the bag up. I smile knowing what she was thinking too. As she stands up I walk toward her. She turns and looks up to me. She smiles and pushes me to the wall. She kisses me passionately and the speed of her lips go up intertwining with mine and well..... you know what's next.

Tella's POV:

Last night was.... AMAZING!!! I smiled as I woke up. I saw Harry lying there sleeping. I move in the covers going closer to him. I then wrap my arms around to cuddle close to him. He wakes up and looks down to me.

"Morning love..." He then pecks me on the lips.


"Where to today?"

"Want to go somewhere? Like just have fun and get lost."

"Sure.... Why not?"

But, that decision..... wasn't such a great idea....


What do you think happens? find out later!


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