One More Night..... To Live While We're Young!

Sequel to "I Am An Artist! I Am Here To Live Out Loud!"
Tella recovers from her illness..... but how for how long? Will she get through it? If she does.... Will there be more tragedies? And will discoveries she makes affect her brother Niall, the boy she may get back together with (Harry) dispite what she still thinks he did, her best friends Sarah and Shannon, the other boys of One Direction? And......... If she does die..... will Harry be able to move on? Will Niall be able to forgive himself? Read to find out!
Authors Note: May need to read the first one to understand.


9. My Surprise to You

"YUM!!!! THIS IS SO GOOD!!!!" I tell Tella

"Heheh thx."

"So what do you want to do today?" i ask her.

"I don't know, Haz..... um..... wanna go to the park?''

The park. Ya! That'd be great for my surprise for Tells. "Well... Nightingale, let's go!"

We head to the park. It was around 12 pm, I hope Tells likes the surprise! "Harry!" Tella waves for me to chase her, which would be hard since she was a great runner. We run through the woods of the park. Tella laughing and shouting my name. I lost her a few times but her laugh showed me where she was. Suddenly I hear her footsteps stop.

"Tells!? Tel-" A hand covers my mouth. At first I freak out then I hear them whisper.

"Shh.... babe there's some girls.... they may mob us...."

"Oh...." i whisper back, "I see."

We back up trying not to make a sound, but we bump into someone. We turn around... Crap.

"Sorry guys we didn't mean to- *gasp* You guys- you guys! EEEEEEEE!!!!"

Suddenly girls come running and start to mob us. "RUN!" Tella screams. We run down the streets of london, which probably was a bad idea....... Suddenly we're cornered. Tella looks at me and laughs. We decide to tweet pics with fans, sign stuff and at the end we sing a duet of Isn't She Lovely. By now it was six.

"You hungry?"


"Obviously..... your Niall Horan's sister."

"Heheheh ya....."


"Definately!" She smiles at me and we head over to Nando's.

"Hi there! Take out?"

"No.... we're gonna eat here."

"Okay right this way." the waitress leads us to a table. We take our orders. Throughout the night we ate, talked, laughed. This was the time, the right time to finally pop the question.

''Tellise Anne Horan....." I get up and kneel on one knee infront of her, "Will you take the honour of marrying me?"

She started to tear up, "My gosh! Harry.... I don't know what to say.... but, but.... yes."

I put the ring on her finger and kiss her passionately as everyone whooped and cheered.


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