One More Night..... To Live While We're Young!

Sequel to "I Am An Artist! I Am Here To Live Out Loud!"
Tella recovers from her illness..... but how for how long? Will she get through it? If she does.... Will there be more tragedies? And will discoveries she makes affect her brother Niall, the boy she may get back together with (Harry) dispite what she still thinks he did, her best friends Sarah and Shannon, the other boys of One Direction? And......... If she does die..... will Harry be able to move on? Will Niall be able to forgive himself? Read to find out!
Authors Note: May need to read the first one to understand.


22. Life as We Know It

It's been a year since our baby, Aliza was born. She looks so much like Harry. Too cute. Niall and Shannon are great. They have two kids now, Avery and Brandon. Everyone else is fine as well, married with kids. There is still One Direction, and obviously they're on tour right now. I miss Harry so much. I'd always call him or Skype him to see how he and the guys are doing or for him to see Liz. 


He finally answered my Skype call! Yay! 

"Hey, babe! How are the two most beautiful women in my life?"

"Awe, Haz... well, we're good. But you have to hear this!"

"Hear what?"

I picked up little Liz and sat her on my lap.

"Baby? Whose that right there?" I cooed.

"D-Da Da!" she giggled and then clapped her hands together.

Harry laughed as he saw this and called the guys over. As usual my brother was carrying some sort of food with him.

"What's going on?" he asked while chewing on some food. And again Liz did the same thing, "Da Da!"

"OH MY GOSH!!!! DID SHE JUST?!" Liam yelled for joy. He and Louis jumped up and down.

"Ya she did. It happened yesterday."

"Gosh.... I'm missing out on so many things. I can't wait 'til I, we get back." Harry said.

"And when's that?"

"I think, in about 2 months."

"Really! That's good. A bit longer but I'll get to see you soon!"

"Yup, I'll get to see the both of you! Love you guys!"

"Love you too! Baby... say bye to daddy! See... okay, Bye Daddy," I say waving Liz's arm.

End of flashback:

Well it's been a month now. I'm making lunch for Liz as she sit's in her chair watching tv. Suddenly she starts giggling and clapping. I then hear, "Da Da! Mama! Da Da!"

'Hmm... it must be another commercial' 

"Baby! Daddy isn't coming back until-"

As I walk into the dining room, there he was. Kneeling infront of her playing. He looked at me as Liz held his hand. Tears welled up in my eyes. He's back! But I thought....

"Hey Tells... thought I'd surprise you," He ran up to me and gave me a warm hug. As he put me down I kissed him. He roughly kissed back as the tears fell. A smile curved up as we kissed. I pulled away, "I love you Styles. Remember that."

"I love you too babe, I love you too." 

He picked up Liz and said, "I don't want to miss anything in the world. I love you guys." He pecked Liz's forehead and I hugged him and Liz. I have an amazing family, an amazing life. I wouldn't change anything in the world. Nothing. I love my huge family. Nothing could change this. Nothing.

My name is Tella Styles.

I married the man of my dreams.

My life is perfect.

The best I want it to be!


This is the End for Tella and Harry and the rest of the gang. Hope you loved it guys! 

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