One More Night..... To Live While We're Young!

Sequel to "I Am An Artist! I Am Here To Live Out Loud!"
Tella recovers from her illness..... but how for how long? Will she get through it? If she does.... Will there be more tragedies? And will discoveries she makes affect her brother Niall, the boy she may get back together with (Harry) dispite what she still thinks he did, her best friends Sarah and Shannon, the other boys of One Direction? And......... If she does die..... will Harry be able to move on? Will Niall be able to forgive himself? Read to find out!
Authors Note: May need to read the first one to understand.


16. Help!

We headed to the Hundred Islands. It took a while but it was fine. Harry and I just laughed and talked about what we were going to do in the next few years. When we arrived we headed down to the beach. I tanned and Harry, surprisingly, kept quiet and actually read a book. It was 50 Shades of Gray. I read it, and..... well it was pretty graphic might I say. Suddenly some girls came by.

"Hello," one girl said.

"Hi!" Harry and I replied.

"Hi po, uh...." I think they didn't really know how to speak english because they just showed us a pen and paper. We smiled and signed them. They then gigled and ran off.

"The people here are nice."

"Ya, I know." I say as I move to lay my head on his chest.

"You and Niall come here before?"

"No. Just me. I volunteered to help out in highschool."

"Oh... I never knew that."

"Ya... that's how Shannon, Sarah and I met Val."

He then smiled and kissed my forehead. We layed down and just stayed there. I never wanted to move. Harry then sat up. I did the same and looked at him.

"Lets go swimming!"

"Okay sure!"

Harry's POV:

We headed into the water and just swam. We splashed water at each other a few times and laughed all the time. Tella then showed me some of the fish in the water. It was really beautiful.

"You want me to get some goggles so we can see more?"

"Sure... they are in my bag."

"Okay be right back!"

I swam to shore and got the goggles. When I turned around Tella was no where to be seen! I looked again just to make sure she didn't go down into the water again. I didn't see her anywhere....


I put one of the goggles on so I could see better. I ran to the water,"Tella!!!!!! Where are you!!!!!"

I then see a body underwater. I swim to it. The body was sinking and there was blood. I swam down and reached for their hand. I brought them up and pulled the person ashore. When I looked to see who it was......

And it was Tella.







She wasn't breathing and there was blood on the side of her head. She must have been watching me then a wave must have thrached her against one of the rocks. I tried doing CPR on her but nothing happened. I called 911 and screamed for help.


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