One More Night..... To Live While We're Young!

Sequel to "I Am An Artist! I Am Here To Live Out Loud!"
Tella recovers from her illness..... but how for how long? Will she get through it? If she does.... Will there be more tragedies? And will discoveries she makes affect her brother Niall, the boy she may get back together with (Harry) dispite what she still thinks he did, her best friends Sarah and Shannon, the other boys of One Direction? And......... If she does die..... will Harry be able to move on? Will Niall be able to forgive himself? Read to find out!
Authors Note: May need to read the first one to understand.


17. Chapter 17

It's been two weeks and we're finallly heading home. Tella's fine, just had a concussion. I was a bit worried but she assured me she was okay. Over the past course of our honeymoon we traveled to many places and did a lot of things! I didn't even think we'd have fans here... but we do! Even when we were hiking in the jungles.... it scared me a bit when these two girls came running out with a camera in hand. Tella would laugh and smile like she was used to it.

I didn't really want to leave yet. I had so much fun just being with Tells, not having to worry about anything. But we're going on tour soon for Take Me Home. I still want to relax and hang out with my friends and everything. The good part is that Tella would be coming because she's our opening act, singing duets with us and answering Twitter questions. She tells me that her favourite songs on our album are Still the One, Little Things, Summer love but mainly because her brother wrote it and Truly Madly Deeply, also because she wrote it, band They Don't Know About Us. Personally I like Still the One, mainly because it reminds me how Tella the one for me. She always will be.

We were on the plane back to London. We were sitting up front in first class. Tella was lying her head on my shoulder as I started our TwitCam. She was a bit tired and felt a bit sick... I don't know why. We've only been on the plane for 30 minutes.

The camera turned on and we already had 1000 viewers.

"Hi!" Tella and I said.

Tons of tweets came in saying how we look good together... how are trip was, etc. We answered their questions and everything. Tella fell asleep with headphones on listening to music lying on my shoulder. The fans tweeted how cute we were and stuff. I just smiled and said we'd be home soon. Then I told them good-bye and turned off my laptop.

I took Tells head phones and put them on. I made sure I wouldnt wake her up but she just moved in her seat.

"..... Like all those days and nights and months I tried to steal a kiss

or how I slept and pictured this.

I'm just the underdog who finally got the girl,

and I am not afraid to tell it to the world.

Truly, madly, deeply I am...."

I smiled to myself knowing she was listening to our song. She wrote herself as a matter of fact... we all loved it.

Niall's POV:

"It's been soooo long since I've seen her! Why aren't they here yet?" I exclaimed. I missed my sister so much! I was at the airport with Greg, Shannon and Lou.

"Niall," Greg said sighing, "It's only been two weeks...."

"I know, but still!"

We all laughed at each other about my ridicule. Suddenly the airport announced, "Flight 459 from Philippines to London has just arrived."

I leaped for joy because I was so excited to see my sister!

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